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What would be the best way to shipping from China to the US,Amazon FBA,or other countries?In this new guide,you will learn exactly how to choose the best shipping method according to your goods’weight,budget,and shipping time.
The ways of  shipping from China to US  Including Regular mail post、Air express、Airfreight、Expedited sea freight、LCL sea freight、FCL sea freight.

We’ll discuss the top three things about shipping below to help you through the process of shipping from China.
When shipping from China,which shipping method can you choose?What is the weight calculation for shipping from China?And how should we choose a logistics company?

First of all,let me introduce to you that there are 3 main ways of shipping from China to the US:express,sea,and air.

1.Shipping line

There are two ways by sea to reach ports in the eastern and western United States.After customs clearance,it can be shipped by courier or truck.The cost is reasonable,but the aging is the slowest,and it takes about 30-35 days;it has a large passenger capacity and is suitable for large shipments,and it is also the choice of more cross-border e-commerce sellers.
If your shipment is over 500 KG,sea freight is the best option.Airfreight may burn a hole in your pocket.Because ship containers can carry a tremendous amount of weight,shipments heavier than 500 KG should ideally be shipped through sea freight.Compare multiple sea freights to choose the most economical and quickest one.
There are two types of ocean shipping,FCL,and LCL,both of which have to do with the costs of shipping and the size of the container used.
FCL=Full Container Load
LCL=Less(than)Container Load

shipping from China to the US
shipping from China to the US

2.Air freight line


The first is transportation to the United States by freighter or licensed passenger aircraft.After customs clearance,it will be shipped by the local express logistics company.The construction period is relatively fast,and it can be completed in about 7-15 days,but the cost is relatively high and it is relatively safe.

shipping from China to the US
shipping from China to the US



It is recognized as the fastest international express.It can be delivered to European and American countries and some unbiased countries in 2-7 days.The aging time is fast,and it is very suitable for small items.In Germany,Belgium,and the Netherlands,there is no remote charge,and the price in other countries is relatively stable.



The price is still the same as that of DHL in customs clearance,but UPS is still a little more expensive.The advantages of UPS to the United States are great,and no remote fees will be incurred!But in other third time countries,the price fluctuates greatly.UPS can take products with batteries,DHL can’t!



3-7 working days to arrive if customs clearance is not normal,it may take more than 7 working days.The United States,Australia,South Korea,and Japan usually arrive within 3-5 working days.Goods of any volume are calculated by weight.If the package is detained by customs,it can be returned free of charge.You can receive the goods on the same day and operate on the same day.The ability to clear customs online on the same day is strong.
How to calculate the price of shipping from China to the US,there are two different concepts of weight.One is the actual weight and the other is the dimensional weight.
The actual weight is exactly the weight of the product,including the packaging.Dimensional weight takes volume into account,including the length,width,and height of the package you’re shipping.

Shipping calculation formula:Dimensional Weight=Length(cm)x Width(cm)x Height(cm)/6000.
Air freight calculation formula:volumetric weight=length(cm)x width(cm)x height(cm)/5000.

Because of this rule,you want to communicate with your suppliers and try to pack your shipments in the best way possible with minimal packing volume.If you are viewing an in-progress shipment,please discuss packaging options with your supplier.You may be able to significantly reduce shipping costs.

Let me introduce to you how to choose a logistics company.As with most businesses,the cost is not the only consideration,but it is often the main deciding factor.

1.According to the mode of transportation

Our choice of Amazon FBA first-way logistics transportation methods mainly includes air transportation,sea transportation,and express delivery.These three are different in price,timeliness,and deliverable items.Sellers can choose according to their product characteristics and logistics needs.suitable shipping method.

shipping from China to the US
shipping from China to the US

2.According to the logistics price

At present,there are many logistics companies on the market,and there are many logistics methods to choose from.Many companies can provide Amazon FBA first-way logistics.The logistics quotations of various logistics companies are also different.Although it may be a difference of a few dollars,for users who have long-term mailing needs,the accumulated cost is not a small expense.
Therefore,when we choose the logistics method,we need to understand the logistics quotation,compare the logistics methods,know the reasons for the price difference,and make a more appropriate choice.

3.According to the logistics advantages

Different logistics methods have different advantages.For example,some logistics have more resources on the US route,some logistics have more routes on the European route,some logistics have a faster delivery process,and some logistics Although the price is low,the transit time is long.

By understanding their advantages and disadvantages,sellers choose a more suitable Amazon FBA first-way logistics service in the face of different products and product delivery at different times.

shipping from China to the US
shipping from China to the US

4.According to the customs clearance level

FBA is not responsible for customs clearance.Therefore,we need to choose a logistics method that provides customs clearance services when we choose first-haul logistics,which can save us a lot of things.Customs clearance is a problem that sellers often need to encounter.

Whether the product can be successfully cleared is related to whether the product can be successfully put into FBA.If the product is not cleared through customs,it will not reach the Amazon FBA warehouse.When there is no stock in the fba warehouse,the product cannot be sold.Generally,there is no inspection fee.

5.Shipping documents

Ocean Bill of Lading:The information must be checked with the customer whether it is the original or the telex.
Air waybill:The requirements are not as strict as the ocean bill of lading,but it is best to confirm it with the customer.
If the transaction is made by”letter of credit”,special attention should be paid to the check of the bill of lading.

At last,If you had other questions in mind,please contact us!s,and I will endeavor to respond.

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