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Xiongda International Logistics through 16 years of commitment to create a one-stop China-US international logistics solutions, has been in many airlines and agents to maintain a good cooperation and cooperation, to provide customers with a complete and safe air freight plus delivery services, truly solve because of transportation costs, customs clearance, taxes, delivery these problems that have plagued many years, Xiongda Air Distribution Service is committed to providing an efficient, stable, optimal cost-effective solution.

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We provide you with high-quality China to US air freight door-to-door logistics solutions
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Air Freight + Express

Choose China to the United States direct air freight, fast timeliness, delivery to the destination through UPS express delivery, the western United States as fast as 5 working days delivery, stable timeliness.

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Air Freight +Truck

Choose China to the United States direct air freight, fast timeliness, by truck to the destination, the western United States as fast as 5 working days delivery, stable timeliness.

Reasons To Choose Xiongda International Logistics

A Professional China Air Freight Forwarder

Sufficient Warehouse

Xiongda International Logistics is a a professional china air freight forwarder and has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with a number of airlines, and the warehouse is sufficient.

16 Years of Experience

Xiongda International Logistics has 16 years of experience in Sino-US freight transportation, many years of experience in the operation of double clearance to door in the United States, and summed up the scientific and safe logistics process of double clearance to door in the United States, improving efficiency and ensuring safety.

Independent Operation

The whole process of independent operation, grasp the first-hand price, so that it is beneficial to every China air freight forwarder Xiongda customer.

Value-Added Services

The United States operates its own overseas warehouse, which can provide value-added services such as transshipment, warehousing, distribution, support, labeling and so on.

Custom Clearnace Team

Xiongda has a professional USA double clearance door operation team, with an average of 5 years of operating experience, to ensure the safety of goods and provide value-added services. If you want to find a China air freight forwarder, contact Xiongda for the handy services.

Order Tracking

Xiongda has a perfect digital management system, real-time logistics trajectory can be queried online. Contact China air freight forwarder Xiongda for a better price.

We Can Do More For You

When you choose us, even if you need more peripheral sea shipping services, we would try our best to customize the perfect delivery for you.
We make every effort to make your entire shipping experience satisfy your expectations.

We explore technology and make the entire shipping process faster. From digitizing customer information to cargo review, we ensure that the risk of customs inspections is greatly reduced.

Our Extra Services Are Below: DDP, DDU, LDP, Book and Pre-shipment planning, Cargo insurance, customs declaration, Inland transport arrangements, Track the status of your shipments in real time.


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  • Door To Door

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Air & Express
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  • 5-8days
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Most Affordable

Air & Truck
  • YES
  • 5-8days
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Airfreight is usually calculated according to the goods’ type, weight, volume, and dimension. And, of course, the goods arrive at their destination. We start in China and then fly to any city in the US with different rates and timeliness. We work with many airlines, so we can meet your shipping needs as long as you have the goods.

Send by air to the United States, air to the airport, air to the door, and international express. If you fly to the airport by air, you can get there in a day by direct flight. It depends on the flight schedule.

 At present, the normal time of double empty delivery to the door is about 7-11 working days, and the normal time of international express delivery is about 3-7 days.

 Both are relatively stable. Under the epidemic situation, warehouse clearance may occur. It depends on the timing and impact of the epidemic.

The advantage of  USA air freight is simplicity and speed. Airlift prices to the United States were also calculated more reasonably at ordinary times. Different prices still have sectional collect fees standard, namely the price that goods quantity is bigger airlift can jump more preferential.      

China air freight forwarder requires certain procedures for import and export goods, such as sales, pickup, booking, order, customs declaration, transportation, etc. of export goods before they are delivered to the airline at the departure airport; acceptance at the destination airport, Receive, declare, ship or transship cargo. The aviation industry generally does not undertake this business. Therefore, an industry that undertakes such business in different categories—China air freight forwarder  emerged as the times require, and its main business is air freight forwarders.

  1. Line optimization

One of the biggest advantages of a China air freight forwarder is that it has multiple international dedicated lines, not limited, from which the best cargo transportation route can be determined, while reducing the transportation time and choosing the best transportation rate.

At the same time, it is possible to book an appropriate cargo transportation space, choose the best route for timely delivery of the cargo, decide the transportation schedule according to the needs of the customer, and negotiate the affordable price with the carrier.

  1. Rich experience

China air freight forwarder specialize in handling the highs and lows of international express delivery and are able to handle all procedures with maximum efficiency from start to finish.

Solve a variety of transportation issues such as port shutdowns, cargo diversions, natural disasters, customs, and more, without affecting cargo transportation.

  1. On time delivery

Choosing a professional China air freight forwarder can better foresee congestion and labor conflicts from sea or air to the port, so as to take effective alternative measures to avoid it, complete the transportation with the greatest flexibility, and ensure on-time delivery.

  1. Freight Tracking

With a full logistics tracking system, businesses can rely on China air freight forwarder to track shipments throughout the voyage and even draw up a schedule of when they plan to arrive.

This way, businesses can focus on their next deliverables, while also tracking how far the shipment is from its final destination.

  1. Free storage

Many China air freight forwarder offer agile and responsive inventory management, and these forwarders can store, pack, and distribute goods in one go according to customer requirements.

  1. Have a professional freight forwarding team

A reliable China air freight forwarder should have a professional team to take care of customers’ needs.

This ranges from the management of the company to the customer service team.

  1. Have a reliable customs declaration team

If the company you choose meets this criteria, you can be sure that your cargo will be transported smoothly to your preferred destination.

So, before you sign any contract, make sure you do enough background checks on the specific company.

  1. Familiar with international air transport regulations and procedures

IATA sets the rules and regulations governing the import and export of goods around the world. To be on the safe side, you must ensure that the China air freight forwarder you are considering understands the necessary international air transport regulations and procedures. A China air freight forwarder that fully understands the legal requirements ensures that your shipments are delivered safely and without compromise to the destination of your choice.

  1. Provide cargo insurance

Errors and omissions insurance is necessary when shipping goods abroad. It secures your investment in the event of mishandling by freight forwarders and carriers or cargo is lost in transit.

Therefore, a freight forwarder that offers errors and omissions insurance is essential to keep your shipments safe and secure.

  1. Affordable and reliable

These two elements are crucial for the smooth air transportation of cargo. You should always factor experience as a cost factor when looking for the best China air freight forwarder service provider. A company’s experience and reliability will determine its affordability.

You can choose a company that offers cheap shipping. However, you may end up with issues such as delayed product shipments because your freight forwarder is not experienced enough to spot the issue as it arises.

To make matters worse, the company may not even have the proper contact details, let alone the knowledge and experience to resolve issues in a timely manner.

  1. There is online tracking

The world is changing and technology is taking over almost every industry. Today, most freight forwarding services have online tracking capabilities. So if the company you’re considering doesn’t hire  China air freight forwarder, you’re better off looking for another.

Online tracking is convenient, fast and simple. It informs you where your shipment is already and when it is expected to arrive at your contracted destination.

With online tracking, you can check your shipment updates at any time of the day or night. Therefore, you should not give up the possibility of tracking your shipments in person using the most convenient method.

USA air freight advantage is simple, fast, and can calculate a lot of procedures and procedures. It usually takes about seven days to arrive.

The materials that air freight sellers need to prepare mainly include verification form, customs declaration form, contract, packing list, invoice, and customs declaration power of attorney.     

Freight, fuel surcharge, security check fee, airport handling fee, terminal fee, airline master bill fee

  1. Don’t fall into the price trap

In order to improve their competitiveness, some China air freight forwarder will use low prices as bait to attract sellers of cross-border e-commerce.

But behind some low prices, there are a lot of additional charges, and many sellers pay higher costs than those who choose high-priced freight forwarders.

  1. Perfect service process

Sellers choose China air freight forwarder because freight forwarding companies provide more services. Including overseas warehousing services, customs clearance, customs declaration and so on.

Therefore, the seller must make sure that the services provided by the freight forwarding company are comprehensive enough, which can help the seller save a lot of time and energy.

  1. Know the background of the company

When choosing a China air freight forwarder, you should not only consider the price factor, but also understand the timeliness, stability and logistics channels of the freight forwarding company.

When the seller chooses a freight forwarding company, he can inspect the scale of the freight forwarding company, the number and professionalism of the employees, the establishment time of the freight forwarding company, and so on.

Try to choose a company that has been established for no less than 2 to 3 years, because such a company has better stability.

What Our Customers Say

shipping logistics china forwrader

Everything goes well with Xiongda, they helped me to deal with all the details in the LCL sea shipping from China to USA. Their services are so impressive and handy. Highly recommend!

Michael K. Gazaway

United States

forwarder agent in china client testimonial

Shipping from China to USA is not an easy thing, there are too many things to be considered, especially in the pandemic period. Everything becomes more difficult than before. And thank you Xiongda to deal with all the trouble things for me!

Corey J. Burgess

United States

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Our business at Amazon is at a growing stage. We need to update our shipping plan with better price and better services. Xiongda's prices are reasonable, and more importantly our fullfillment deliveries are always on time.

Sean E. Wygant

United States

shipping agent from china to usa clients

I have a super market in Florida, I'm experienced in shipping from China to USA. Glad to work with Xiongda for a few of my containers. They are professional in shipping to China, and their extra services does save me from the stuff. Thank you and keep good job!

Clifton J. Kim

United States

What is the air freight process?

For shipments weighing between 400 lbs and 1200 lbs, air freight is the most economical option. At 30-40% cheaper than express shipping, you get the best of both worlds, fast shipping and lower prices.

The air freight process is as follows:

Provide cargo information, such as product name, number of pieces, weight, box size, destination and destination consignee’s name, address, telephone, delivery time, consignor’s name, telephone, address, etc.

The China air freight forwarder will print out the total waybill number, number of pieces, weight and volume according to the flight and date according to the designated pre-allocation plan, and book the cabin with the airline.

Check the difference between the actual number, weight and volume of the goods and the predicted quantity on the consignment book. Effective use and reasonable matching of booking space and crates shall be carried out according to the aircraft type, crate model, height and quantity.

Express declaration, general trade declaration, namely tax rebate declaration, ATA declaration, etc.

The freight bill needs to be signed by the airline after the customs release seal is stamped.

For the goods that need to be transferred on a connecting flight, after the goods are shipped out, the airline is required to provide the transfer information of the second and third flights to confirm the transfer situation. Feedback the above information to the guest room in time, so that any abnormal situation can be dealt with in time.

After the goods arrive at the designated port, the China air freight forwarder will notify the customer.

Whether you need to ship large quantities of goods from China to the US or small quantities, it is highly recommended that you hire a China air freight forwarder.

A good China air freight forwarder will guide you through your first shipment to avoid common pitfalls and find you the cheapest way to ship your package.

There are also many forms to be signed for importing from China, and a good China air freight forwarder will help you understand everything about freight. You should also understand the packaging and labelling requirements for your products so they can pass through customs in your country.

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