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Air freight cost calculator

A) When the actual weight of the item to be shipped is greater than the volume of the material, the air freight from China to USA cost is calculated as follows:

First weight freight + (weight (kg) x 2-1) x renewal freight

For example: 7KG goods by the first weight of 20 yuan, the renewal weight of 9 yuan, the total amount of freight is:

20+(7×2-1)*9=137 (yuan)

B) When the actual weight of the goods to be sent is small but the volume is large, the freight charge should be based on the volume standard, and then calculate the total amount of freight according to the formula listed above:

Then calculate the total amount of freight according to the above formula. The formula for obtaining the volume is as follows:

Regular items: Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) ÷ 6000 = Weight (KG)

Irregular items: longest (cm) × widest (cm) × highest (cm) ÷ 6000 = weight (KG)


Air freight cost calculator

Air freight cost calculator


C) International courier sometimes add fuel surcharge:

For example, at this time the fuel surcharge of 9%, but also need to add the results of the formula (A): freight × 9%

Fuel surcharge will generally be discounted together with the freight charges.

Total cost:

Total Cost = (Freight + Fuel Surcharge) x Discount + Packaging + Other Uncertain Costs

Air freight cost calculator usually based on the weight, volume, and distance of the shipment. The cost of shipping by air to the United States needs to be based on the specifics of the shipment. Generally speaking, the higher the weight, the larger the volume, and the farther the distance, the higher the shipping cost required for the shipment.

Factors Affecting China to USA air freight cost calculator

The charges for air freight to the US are related to a number of factors, including the transportation time, the quality of transportation, the route and the weight and volume of the goods. Apart from that, it is also affected by some policy guidelines such as tariffs and trade agreements.


Air freight cost calculator


Freight and surcharges

Freight is major of air freight cost calculator. Various factors such as the distance of transportation, type and size of the shipment, etc. have to be taken into consideration while setting the price.

Additionally, there are a number of surcharges that may be incurred in air transportation.

Such as fuel surcharges,
Customs duties,
Warehousing fees,
insurance, etc.

These surcharges are calculated on an ad-hoc basis depending on the needs of the carrier.

Different Packaging Types Affect Charges

The type of packaging used for the shipment will also affect the China to USA air freight cost calculator. For some shipments, special packaging materials are required, such as anti-vibration materials, moisture-proof materials, etc. These additional packaging materials will affect the final cost of the shipment. These additional packaging materials will affect the final price.


Air freight cost calculator


Implementing Transportation Efficiency and Quality Control

For companies, transportation efficiency and quality control are equally important. Choosing a good transporter can improve transportation efficiency as well as the quality of the goods during transportation. This will avoid time delays and damage to the goods.



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