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We provide professional international freight forwarding service from China to USA.
If you have transportation challenges, we have a solution!
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General Maritime Transport
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Amazon Fba Air Transport
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Air Transport From China To America
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XIONDA helps you ship from china to usa faster, cheaper, safer, and easier.

About Us

Shanghai Xiongda International Logistics Co., Ltd was formally established in 2006, through the unremitting efforts of xiongda people,  the company has developed into a comprehensive international logistics enterprise.
Xiongda got 7 branch offices,include Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Changsha, Ningbo, Hangzhou, the United States (Los Angeles) to provide customers with more quality service has laid a good foundation.
So far, the company’s core business covers China-US Amazon FBA logistics, China-US international air transport, China-America international maritime transport, overseas warehouses, four sectors.
Relying on 16 years of international logistics service experience, Shanghai Xiongda International Logistics provides one-stop international freight solutions from China to the United States.

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What Make Us So Different


We have 16 years experience in international freight service from China to USA. And 7 years experience in Amazon FBA freight service from China to USA.

best freight forwarder from china to usa

Value Added

According to customer requirements to provide value-added services for packaging / pallet / paste FBA, SKU labels, etc.

best freight forwarder from china to usa


Ordinary cargo only. Strict inspection of packaging and labels. Solve the problem before we ship it.

shipping forwarder china to usa


The whole process of independent operation, grasp the primary price, so that the benefit of every Xiongda customers.

shipping from china to the us


Once we receive the order , arrange shipping space in advance. Arrange the shipment in time, and in the meantime do the clearance in advance and make an appointment for the delivery of UPS or truck in USA. The whole process is interlocking.

china forwarder to usa


Xiongda has its own digital logistics system, which can track the status of goods online in real time from storage to delivery.

Our Services

Door To Door Delivery

Through the cooperation with domestic land transportation and logistics companies, Xiongda can provide customers with free door-to-door delivery services in China according to the needs of customers. Customers can enjoy safe, convenient, time-saving and worry-free services, Xiongda will take care all the details.

Trailer Loading Cabinet

Xiongda has long-term and stable cooperation with the trailer shops in Shanghai, Dalian, Ningbo, Shanghai, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and other major port cities. For the export business of FCL by sea, Xiongda International Logistics can provide reliable trailer delivery services. Xiongda always go further than your need.

china to usa shipping

Customs Declaration

Xiongda is professional in below customs declaration.
Paperless electronic customs. Manual customs declaration.
Self-owned document declaration. Yida customs declaration.
And our network has covered
Shanghai, Dalian, Ningbo, Changsha, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen ports.

ddp shipping from china to usa

Customs Clearance Delivery

Require the DDU/DDP/LDP cargos to be delivered to the door? Xiongda has high-quality and stable overseas agents in the United States, and can provide customers with more comprehensive integrated services such as customs clearance, tax payment, and trailer delivery!

china to usa shipping xiongda logistic

Warehousing And Distribution

Need temporarily store goods in a third-party overseas warehouse? And delivered on pallets after arriving at the destination port? Or deliver goods to multiple addresses after customs clearance at the destination? Xiongda can all help you with these.

What Our Customers Say

Everything goes well with Xiongda, they helped me to deal with all the details in the LCL sea shipping from China to USA. Their services are so impressive and handy. Highly recommend!

Michael K. Gazaway

United States

Shipping from China to USA is not an easy thing, there are too many things to be considered, especially in the pandemic period. Everything becomes more difficult than before. And thank you Xiongda to deal with all the trouble things for me!

Corey J. Burgess

United States

Our business at Amazon is at a growing stage. We need to update our shipping plan with better price and better services. Xiongda's prices are reasonable, and more importantly our fullfillment deliveries are always on time.

Sean E. Wygant

United States

I have a super market in Florida, I'm experienced in shipping from China to USA. Glad to work with Xiongda for a few of my containers. They are professional in shipping to China, and their extra services does save me from the stuff. Thank you and keep good job!

Clifton J. Kim

United States

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Save More Cost And Time With Xiongda In Shipping From China To USA.
Our Services Cover Every Aspect Of Your Business.
We provide the complete extra services to meet your demands.

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Airfreight is usually calculated according to the goods’ type, weight, volume, and dimension. And, of course, the goods arrive at their destination. We start in China and then fly to any city in the US with different rates and timeliness. We work with many airlines, so we can meet your shipping needs as long as you have the goods.

Send by air to the United States, air to the airport, air to the door, and international express. If you fly to the airport by air, you can get there in a day by direct flight. It depends on the flight schedule.

 At present, the normal time of double empty delivery to the door is about 7-11 working days, and the normal time of international express delivery is about 3-7 days.

 Both are relatively stable. Under the epidemic situation, warehouse clearance may occur. It depends on the timing and impact of the epidemic.

The advantage of American air freight is simplicity and speed. Airlift prices to the United States were also calculated more reasonably at ordinary times. Different prices still have sectional collect fees standard, namely the price that goods quantity is bigger airlift can jump more preferential.      

American air freight advantage is simple, fast, and can calculate a lot of procedures and procedures. It usually takes about seven days to arrive.

The materials that air freight sellers need to prepare mainly include verification form, customs declaration form, contract, packing list, invoice, and customs declaration power of attorney.     

Freight, fuel surcharge, security check fee, airport handling fee, terminal fee, airline master bill fee

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