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Xiongda is a professional shipping agent in China since 2006, and with the 16 years of development, Xiongda now has 6 branches in China.

As an entrepreneur in China, Xiognda provides hundreds of jobs to let more people have work. And also Xiognda will take some charity events to give back to the society.
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Shipping Logistics China To USA-Industry News

Xiongda has been staying focus on shipping from China to USA about 16 years. We will share the latest news in the shipping industry.

The latest industry news cover air and sea freight from China to USA, and FBA freight to USA. We can also provide the one stop shipping solutions, contact us if you need.
Shipping process from China to USA

China Freight Forwarder- Latest Post About Shipping

Shipping from China is easy with freight logistics China Xiognda, because we have been doing our work for about 16 years! We will share anything about shipping from China to USA.

We have rich experience in air and sea shipping, as well as the FBA freight to USA. Feel free to contact us if you need a shipping solution.

Services We Can Provide For You

A Professional Freight Logistics China Shipping Agent

Door to Door Local Pick Up

We provide customers with door-to-door pick-up services in major cities in China. Xiongda want to be your trusted freight logistics China partner.

Custom Packing

We will pack separately according to the type of products, or combine multiple products as per the Amazon packing requirement Click Here. For mroe information please contact freight logistics China forwarder Xiongda.

Printing Label Services

Print and post product SKU and box labels according to customer requirements and Amazon label requirements. If you want freight logistics China agent for changing labels or printing, Xiognda can help you.

Door to Door Local Pick Up

We provide customers with free storage for 15 days. Amazon Fba Freight Forwarder China Xiongda provides free local pick up to save your time.

Custom Packing

Provide customs declaration documents, agent declaration and inspection services. Xiongda provides the packing services to Amazon sellers. Want to find a freight logistics China company? Contact Xiongda to do all the details.

Printing Label Services

We provide you with more comprehensive customs declaration, customs clearance, tax payment, trailer, delivery and other integrated services. Xiongda is a amazon FBA freight forwarder China with full services, contact us for the details.

Our Service Guarantee

Cheapest Way to Ship to Amazon FBA

20% Save

we have established long-term and stable partnerships with many shipping companies, has the price competitive advantage in the same industry, and reduces the cost of shipping by 20% from China to the United States. Contact freight logistics China Xiongda to boost your sales by 20%!

shipping from China to United States

15 Working Days Delivery

EMC and CMA shipping company are selected, and the shipping period is short Pre clearance operation saves time. It can be delivered to the destination by express or truck. It can be delivered in 15 working days in the western United States, and the timeliness is stable.

China to US shipping cost

Follow Up Whole Process

Provide the whole process cargo tracking service, and provide you with one-stop services such as door-to-door delivery, warehousing and packaging, air cargo booking, document preparation, customs declaration and inspection, customs clearance and delivery

China Amazon FBA freight forwarder

Variable Value Added Services

Provide cargo transportation insurance services, and provide compensation in case of loss of goods. There is nothing to worrry with freight logistics China Xiongda under our Value Added Services .


Airfreight is usually calculated according to the type, weight, volume, and dimension of the goods. And, of course, the goods arrive at their destination. We start in China and then fly to any city in the US with different rates and timeliness. We work with many airlines so as long as you have the goods, we can meet your shipping needs.

1. National trade policy
2. War, strike, revolution, etc.
3. The holiday
4. Competition from other modes of transport, such as sea transport
Advantages: fast, safe, on time, super efficiency, greatly shorten the delivery time, for the logistics supply chain to accelerate the capital turnover and circulation, has played a great role in promoting.
Disadvantages: The relatively high cost of shipping.

Shipping billing formula: Freight = freight rate × freight ton = basic freight rate × (1+ surcharge sum) × freight volume.(You can consult us for specific fees)    

1.By volume, the sum of length, width, and height of each cargo shall not be less than 40 cm;
2. For goods not carried by wide-body aircraft, the weight of each piece of goods shall not exceed 80kg and the volume shall not exceed 40x60x100cm;
3. The weight of each cargo carried by a wide-body aircraft shall not exceed 250kg and the volume shall not exceed 100x100x140cm.
4. The weight of the goods is calculated according to the gross weight. The unit of quantity is kg, and the number at the end is rounded to five. When the weight of each air waybill is less than 1kg, it shall be calculated as1KG.


CHINA is the world's leading exporter, so all SHIPPING companies are present, such as the major companies we like to work with: CHINA SHIPPING, MAERSK, CMA-CGM, MSC, ONE.

1.Handling consignment
2.Arranging cargo hold
4.Issuing consignment note
5.Delivering goods
6.Sending shipping notice
7.Preparing payment, redemption, and receiving goods

How much do you charge for shipping by express ship?

Door-to-door shipping is the complete one-stop solution for importing goods from China to the United States. You can choose sea, air or international express. International express delivery is the fastest, followed by air, and slightly slower by sea.

What Our Customers Say

shipping logistics china forwrader

Everything goes well with Xiongda, they helped me to deal with all the details in the LCL sea shipping from China to USA. Their services are so impressive and handy. Highly recommend! If you want to save time, then go directly with freight logistics China agent Xiongda.

Michael K. Gazaway

United States

forwarder agent in china client testimonial

Shipping from China to USA is not an easy thing, there are too many things to be considered, especially in the pandemic period. Everything becomes more difficult than before. And thank you Xiongda to deal with all the trouble things for me!

Corey J. Burgess

United States

freight forwarding companies

Our business at Amazon is at a growing stage. We need to update our shipping logistics amazon plan with better price and better services. Xiongda's prices are reasonable, and more importantly our fullfillment deliveries are always on time. We recommend amazon FBA freight forwarder China Xiognda as your priority.

Sean E. Wygant

United States

shipping agent from china to usa clients

I have a super market in Florida, I'm experienced in shipping from China to USA. Glad to work with freight logistics China Xiongda for a few of my containers. They are professional in shipping to China, and their extra services does save me from the stuff. Thank you and keep good job!

Clifton J. Kim

United States

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