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When shipping from China to USA, the US customs clearance process time is different for different goods. The time for customs clearance and inspection in the United States is generally 3-4 days if there is no problem. It may be even longer if you encounter increased inspection rates and insufficient staff.

It may take 10 days or longer to deal with the problematic goods. Generally, correct information must be provided.

US customs

Spot check

There is one kind of random inspection, which we do not include in the inspection. For example, the customs will manually randomly inspect a box of products in the cabinet. No problem, usually within a day.

US customs clearance process is divided into human inspection and machine inspection. The machine inspection is to go through the whole cabinet through X-ray, and check whether there are suspicious products on the computer. The human inspection needs to dismantle the cabinet, some have to unload half of the whole cabinet, some have to unload all the goods for inspection, and then put them back together, which will take a long time.

And the U.S. Customs will not tell you what to check and how it went during the inspection. There is no inspection form, only the results will be checked, if there is a problem or not, if there is a problem, relevant information must be provided for processing. For details, you can ask your freight forwarding company.


US customs clearance process

US customs clearance process

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How To Deal With Clearance Delay Efficiently

Ways of US customs clearance process


CET (X-ray scanning inspection), also known as the US anti-terrorism inspection. The container is inspected by an X-ray machine to see if there is any abnormality. Under normal circumstances, the time for CT inspection is 2-3 days.


MET manual inspection is to pull the goods to the designated sound inspection site (customs supervision warehouse: customs supervision area), and the general inspection time is 10-30 days.
To inquire about the name of the goods, the telegram amount, and the customs code HS CODE

  • Check whether the goods are infringing or counterfeit?
  • Check for smuggling?
  • Check whether the number of telegrams matches (whether there is any fraudulent report, omission or underreporting)?
  • Are the relevant qualification materials for inspection complete?
  • For example, FPA (environmental protection industry) sound inspection or CPSC and FDA department control inspection, all inspections are released, which is a complete release…


US customs clearance process

US customs clearance process


Reasons for the delay in the US customs clearance process

1. Customs will focus on a certain period of time to inspect most of the cabinets in the port, and select key products and products that are prone to infringement for surprise inspections. This is why the inspection rate will increase sharply during a certain period of time.

2. Within one month from the start of the inspection, the customs will probably tell what products are being detained, and only inform the customs clearance bank; then the customs clearance bank will notify the freight forwarder.

2. From the first month to the third month, after submitting the materials, there will be two situations:
Customs will release the documents after receiving the information;

After the customs received the information, it was still determined to be an infringement, and it was transferred to the FP&F department. The department will issue a formal confiscation notice with the customs number of the problematic item, and send it to the importer’s address by surface mail (from the US Customs surface mail It will take about 1-2 months for the letter to arrive at the importer’s address in China).

4. From the third month to the sixth month, the foreign importer (FOREIGN IMPORTER) (this is also the drawback of FOREIGN IMPORTER) can receive the confiscation notice and proceed to the next step.


US customs clearance process

US customs clearance process


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