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From the basic nature of international freight forwarding services, freight forwarding mainly accepts the entrustment of the entrusting party on matters related to cargo transportation, transshipment, warehousing, loading, and unloading. On the one hand, it signs a contract of carriage with the cargo shipper, and at the same time, it signs a contract with the transport department. The cargo shipper is the carrier of the cargo. A considerable number of freight forwarders master various means of transportation and warehouses for storing goods and handle the transportation of goods including sea freight, land, and air freight when operating their business.

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Door To Door Delivery

Through the cooperation with domestic land transportation and logistics companies, freight forwarding services company Xiongda can provide customers with free door-to-door delivery services in China according to the needs of customers. Customers can enjoy safe, convenient, time-saving and worry-free services, Xiongda will take care all the details.

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Trailer Pick-Up

Whether it is paperless electronic customs declaration or manual customs declaration, whether it is self-owned document customs declaration or one-stop customs declaration, whether it is general trade customs declaration or bill customs declaration, whether it is in Shanghai, Dalian, Ningbo, Changsha, Xiamen, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Xiongda International Logistics will never live up to your entrustment! Contact us to start the freight forwarding services now!

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Customs Clearance & Trailer Delivery

Importer requires DDU/DDP/LDP double clearing to be delivered to destination? No problem! Freight forwarding services agent Xiongda International Logistics has high-quality and stable overseas agents in the United States, which can provide customers with more comprehensive customs clearance, tax payment, trailer delivery and other integrated services!

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Warehousing & Distribution

Your goods need to be temporarily stored in a third-party overseas warehouse? Your goods need to be delivered on pallets after arriving at the port of destination? Your goods need to be delivered to the destination in one ticket and delivered to multiple addresses after customs clearance? Don't worry. Freight forwarding services Xiongda International Logistics can help you with all these things.

We Can Do More For You

When you choose us, even if you need more peripheral sea shipping services, we would try our best to customize the perfect delivery for you.
We make every effort to make your entire shipping experience satisfy your expectations.

We explore technology and make the entire shipping process faster. From digitizing customer information to cargo review, we ensure that the risk of customs inspections is greatly reduced.

Our Extra Services Are Below: DDP, DDU, LDP, Book and Pre-shipment planning, Cargo insurance, customs declaration, Inland transport arrangements, Track the status of your shipments in real time.


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  • 15-22days
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Our Freight Forwarding Services Guarantee

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20% Save

we have established long-term and stable partnerships with many shipping companies, has the price competitive advantage in the same industry, and reduces the cost of shipping by 20% from China to the United States. Contact freight forwarding services agent China Xiongda to boost your sales by 20%!

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15 Working Days Delivery

EMC and CMA shipping company are selected, and the shipping period is short Pre clearance operation saves time. It can be delivered to the destination by express or truck. It can be delivered in 15 working days in the western United States, and the timeliness is stable. Contact us to sart the freight forwarding services.

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Follow Up Whole Process

Provide the whole process cargo tracking service, and provide you with one-stop freight forwarding services such as door-to-door delivery, warehousing and packaging, air cargo booking, document preparation, customs declaration and inspection, customs clearance and delivery

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Variable Value Added Services

Provide cargo transportation insurance services, and provide compensation in case of loss of goods. There is nothing to worrry with freight logistics China Xiongda under our Value Added Services .

Feel Free To Contact Xiongda If You Have Any Questions

You can. Our company can pick up your goods as long as they are in China

Yes, after your goods arrive at our warehouse, we will reinforce the packaging for you

Yes, our company will provide you with insurance services, and specific insurance details, you can consult us

Yes, our company has a logistics system to check, and follow up on your goods information, you can master the trend of goods at any time.

You don’t need it. We can declare it for you directly.

Yes, we do. We can provide that for you.

  1. Serve the shipper

The role of organization and coordination

 International freight forwarding services have always been known as”the designer of transportation”, and the organizer and coordinator of”door-to-door” transportation. With their transportation knowledge and other related knowledge, organize transportation activities, design transportation routes, and select transportation methods and carriers(or cargo owners).

 Coordinate the relationship between cargo owners, carriers and their warehousing custodians, insurers, banks, ports, airports, stations, yard operators, and relevant authorities such as customs, commodity inspection, health inspection, animal and plant inspection, import and export control, etc. The client’s time, reduce many unnecessary troubles and concentrate on the main business.

  • The role of professional services

 The main job of the international freight forwarding services is to use its professional knowledge and experience to provide the client with the services of contracting, delivery, assembly, consolidation, unloading, and delivery of goods, accepting the entrustment of the client, and handling the insurance, customs, and commodity inspection of the goods.,health inspection, animal and plant quarantine, import and export control, and other procedures, and sometimes even having to pay and collect freight, advance taxes, and government fees on behalf of the client.

 By providing various professional services to the client, the international freight forwarding services can make the client not need to spend more thought and energy in the business field that he is not familiar with so that it is inconvenient or difficult to handle by himself.,which helps to improve the work efficiency of the principal.

  • Cost reduction effect

 International freight forwarding services grasps the market conditions of cargo transportation, warehousing, loading and unloading, and insurance, and has long-term and close friendly and cooperative relations with cargo transportation stakeholders, warehousing custodians, ports, airports, stations, yard operators, and insurers. With rich professional knowledge and business experience, favorable negotiating position, and skilled negotiation skills, through the efforts of international freight forwarders, you can choose the best transportation route, transportation method, the best storage custodian, loading and unloading operator, and insurance People, strive for fair and reasonable rates, and even benefit all relevant parties through the effect of consolidation, thereby reducing the business costs of people involved in the transportation of goods and improving the efficiency of their main business.

  • The role of financing

 The international freight forwarding services and the freight forwarder, warehouse custodian, loading and unloading operators, banks, customs authorities, etc. have mutual understanding, close relationship, long-term cooperation, mutual trust, and international freight forwarders can pay the relevant fees on behalf of the consignee and consignor, taxes, settle relevant fees with carriers, warehousing custodians, and stevedores in advance, and provide fees, tax guarantees or risk guarantees to carriers, warehousing custodians, stevedores, banks, and customs authorities under their strength and reputation, It can help clients to finance funds, reduce capital occupation, and improve capital utilization efficiency.

  • Communication control

 The international freight forwarding services has extensive business relations, a developed service network, and advanced information technology means, which can maintain effective communication between the parties involved in the transportation of goods, between the parties involved in the transportation of goods, and other relevant enterprises and departments at any time. The whole process is accurately tracked and controlled to ensure the safety of the goods, timely delivery to the destination, smooth related procedures, accurate delivery to the consignee, and provide information services and other related services throughout the entire process at the request of the consignor.

  • The role of consultants

 International freight forwarding services are proficient in international trade links, proficient in various transportation operations, familiar with relevant laws and regulations, and understand relevant situations around the world. The source of information is accurate and timely. Provide clear and specific consultation to the client for transportation routes and transportation costs, insurance of goods, settlement of import and export documents and prices, and the requirements of relevant authorities such as consular, customs, commodity inspection, health inspection, animal and plant quarantine, import and export control, etc. Advice, assist the client to design and select appropriate solutions to avoid and reduce unnecessary risks, setbacks, and waste.

The service area of international freight forwarding services:

2. Serving the Carrier

 When the freight forwarder makes a booking with the carrier, it must have a fair and reasonable rate for both the carrier and the consignor, arrange an appropriate time for delivery, and resolve the freight account with the carrier in the name of the consignor.

 International freight forwarders have a close relationship with liner companies, and more and more liner companies recognize their beneficial role in improving theory at one time with a certain commission. In recent years, with the growth of container transportation in international trade, international freight forwarding companies have introduced”consolidation” and”consolidation” services, enabling them to establish closer ties with liner companies and other carriers such as rail carriers.

  1. Serving the port

 The freight forwarder receives and transports the whole ship or most of the whole ship. Under the premise of a reasonable flow, the ship can be loaded and unloaded at the port where the freight forwarder is located, which will win the port for the source of a ship.

  1. Serving customs

 Because of this, at present, about 80%of the world’s air cargo, more than 70%of containerized cargo, and 75%of general cargo transportation businesses are controlled by international freight forwarders.

 80%of my country’s import and export trade cargo transportation and transit business(including 70%of bulk cargo and 90%of container cargo), and 90%of international air cargo transportation businesses are completed by international freight forwarding companies.

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Everything goes well with Xiongda, they helped me to deal with all the details in the LCL sea shipping from China to USA. Their freight forwarding services are so impressive and handy. Highly recommend this shipping forwarder!

Michael K. Gazaway

United States

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Shipping from China to USA is not an easy thing, there are too many things to be considered, especially in the pandemic period. Everything becomes more difficult than before. And thank you Xiongda to deal with all the trouble things for me! If you want to get your hands off from the details, choose freight forwarding services from Xiongda.

Corey J. Burgess

United States

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Our business at Amazon is at a growing stage. We need to update our shipping plan with better price and better services. Xiongda's prices are reasonable, and more importantly our fullfillment deliveries are always on time. Recommend Xiongda for your freight forwarding companies.

Sean E. Wygant

United States

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I have a super market in Florida, I'm experienced in shipping from China to USA. Glad to work with forwarding agent Xiongda for a few of my containers. They are professional in shipping to China, and their extra services does save me from the stuff. Thank you and keep good job! Will recommend your freight forwarding services to my business friends.

Clifton J. Kim

United States

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