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Customs clearance refers to the procedures that should be performed in accordance with various laws, regulations and regulations when importing, exporting or transshipping goods enter and exit the customs territory of a country.The customs clearance process can be complicated for non-specialists.

Customs clearance Only after fulfilling various obligations and going through customs declaration, inspection, taxation, release and other procedures, the goods can be released, and the owner or declarant can take delivery of the goods.

Similarly, all kinds of means of transport carrying import and export goods need to declare to the customs, go through customs procedures, and obtain the permission of the customs.

U.S. Customs

customs clearance process

customs clearance process


Customs clearance process

  1. Change order: Go to the freight forwarder or shipping company to change the D/O (according to the bill of lading in hand to determine where to change the order, H B/L freight forwarder’s bill of lading M B/L shipowner’s bill of lading).
  2. Electronic declaration: computer pre-recording, document review, delivery, contact with customs/release.
  3. Inspection: After the electronic declaration is released, go to the Commodity Inspection Bureau with one of the four copies of the customs declaration form to go through the quotation procedure, and issue the customs clearance form or knock on the three inspection stamps.
  4. On-site handover form: Customs on-site handover form.
  5. Inspection: The customs will conduct an inspection according to the supervision conditions of the declared name of the goods and the inspection probability of the day. If there is an inspection, an inspection notice will be issued
  6. Release:
  1. One time release
  2. Issue inspection notice or release twice without inspection
  3. After inspection, seal and release


customs clearance process

customs clearance process


3 common reasons for customs clearance process delays

The reasons for the goods themselves

The goods are sensitive goods

Sensitive goods such as powder, liquid, electrified and magnetically charged, solid, etc. have a higher probability of being inspected by the customs than ordinary goods. Such goods take longer than ordinary goods, so there are generally delays in customs clearance.

Famous brands and infringing products

When selling products, there must be brand authorization. When these products enter the country, the customs will require a brand authorization letter. If not, customs clearance will be delayed, and the goods will be detained by the customs, or even ordered to be returned directly.

Goods prohibited from entering the country

Countries around the world have their own prohibited goods, such as drugs, guns and ammunition, weapons, etc. are familiar to everyone, and these are prohibited by countries around the world. The specific prohibited goods are subject to the requirements of each country.

The owner or agent’s own reasons

Logistics and transportation methods

In order to save the freight, the seller chooses a transportation method with a cheap price and a long transportation time, and does not pay attention to the qualification of the freight forwarder, so that the goods cannot be guaranteed.


customs clearance process

customs clearance process


Filling in the complete information of the goods is not standardized and incomplete

The owner of the cargo has not filled in the information and documents completely. For example, the quantity of the product is incorrect, the name of the product is written casually, and the declared value does not match the actual value of the product.

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