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Amazon FBA packaging requirements are very strict, sellers need to pack the product according to Amazon’s warehouse rules, after the Amazon warehouse inspection before entering the warehouse.

Amazon FBA goods must be scanned when entering the Amazon FBA warehouse barcode labels, the barcode labels affixed to the product above can not pass the scanning, can not complete the operation of the warehouse, then the seller will not receive the impact.


Amazon FBA packaging requirements

Amazon FBA packaging requirements


Amazon FBA packaging requirements

Choose the right box

FBA product packaging box need to choose the right size box packaging products, and with waste paper, polystyrene filler or cardboard to fill the gap to fix the goods to avoid moving in the transportation process caused by the collision of goods in the box.

Heck the appearance of the goods

Before shipping, please make sure that the product packaging is complete, if there is damage and deformation phenomenon, you should immediately unpacking to check whether the internal goods are intact, such as damage need to be repacked and affixed SKU label. Otherwise to the U.S. warehouse will be rejected.

Items must be individually wrapped

Especially glass ceramics and other fragile products, it is recommended that the use of bubble wrap, and need to go through the impact test. Avoid damage caused by collision during transportation.

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Amazon FBA Packaging Requirements Frequently Asked Questions

Print Amazon FBA label must use self-adhesive printing?

Not necessarily, thermal paper, A4 paper is also available, thermal paper can not be covered with tape, A4 paper needs to be fully covered with tape.


Amazon FBA packaging requirements

Amazon FBA packaging requirements


The same product with the same address, can I use the previous FBA box label to ship?

No, each label is unique, please do not photocopy, reuse or modify the label for other boxes. If you repeat the shipment with previous FBA label, there will be slow reception as well as the goods are not received.

What are the requirements for Amazon FBA labeling?

There must be commodity labels and shipment labels, otherwise the warehouse can not receive the goods.

“Do not remove” label: If the seller is a combination of their own set of goods (such as goods containing gifts, etc.), you need to print this label, affixed to the opening/sealing of the goods/combination; if it is not a set of goods, you do not need this label.

How to affix the product label when shipping?

In the Amazon FBA shipping need to paste product labels and outer box label two labels

Product labels: Amazon system-generated product labels, affixed to the product packaging.

Outer box label: each wholesale shipment, according to the actual number of boxes packaged to generate the corresponding outer box label.


Amazon FBA packaging requirements

Amazon FBA packaging requirements


FBA overweight labeling how to paste? Is to be affixed to the outer box of the product, or affixed to a single product packaging above?

U.S. station: more than a single product to be posted, such as: a parcel, including multiple items, according to the requirements can not be more than 50 pounds, if a single shipment of more than 50 pounds, need to be distributed separately, and at the top of the note “team lift”.

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