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Xiongda offers competitive prices because we are big agents of MATSON、ZIM、EVERGREEN、MSC、COSCO、CMA、YML.

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Shipping from China to Amazon warehouse

LCL Shipping From Ningbo

Ningbo has two major sea ports, namely Zhoushan port and Beilun port. If you have goods that need to be shipped from Ningbo to the United States, Xiongda is the best partner to handle all your shipping requirements.

We offer you the best shipping routes, the most competitive freight rates and 24 hours online support. Xiongda will always provide the best solution for your goods. If you need a Ningbo freight forwarder quote, contact us now.

shipping to USA Amazon FBA

FCL shipping from Ningbo

If you need to ship goods from Ningbo or the surrounding cities of Ningbo to the United States, Xiongda can provide you with the best FCL shipping service.

We have signed long-term cooperation contracts with many shipping companies, which can guarantee sufficient shipping capacity. If you need a Ningbo freight forwarder quote, contact us now.

China to US ocean shipping agent

FBA Freight From Ningbo To Usa Amazon Warehouse

If you are selling products on Amazon and your suppliers are in Ningbo or cities around Ningbo, Xiongda can provide you with reliable Amazon FBA air and sea logistics services.

To allow your goods to be delivered safely and quickly to your designated Amazon warehouse. If you need a Ningbo freight forwarder quote, contact us now.

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Looking for a Guangzhou freight forwarder? Try Xiongda now to get the free quote.

Of course, we can pick up the goods for you. If you need a Ningbo freight forwarder quote, contact us now.

Yes, when your goods arrive at our warehouse, our staff can label for you. If you need a Ningbo freight forwarder quote, contact us now.

Yes, we can provide you with LCL service by the sea at transparent and affordable prices.

The price needs our business manager to answer, you can leave a contact information, we will quote for you

The mode of transport you will use and the distance to your country/region. Will affect aging
Shipping by air is relatively quick, taking about one to five days.
Shipping usually takes 14 days to 60 days. You can consult us about the specific time limit.

The cost depends on various factors.
Including the mode of transportation, the weight, and size of the goods, FCL or LCL transportation, etc.
Other extras including insurance, customs clearance, and local transportation determine the total cost of transportation.

Guaranteed Arrival Time: Ningbo freight forwarder can rest assured knowing that all shipments will have a guaranteed arrival time. Everything is coordinated in advance to adhere to a strict schedule provided to all parties involved.

Cost-effectiveness: Many small businesses feel they can save money by handling all arrangements in-house. Having the professionals prepare has the greatest potential for saving money. While a novice might get the job done, it will cost more time and more money in the long run, and it’s not a sustainable approach. This way, you can focus your time and energy on other areas of your business.

Fast: Professional Ningbo freight forwarder know how to deliver goods efficiently. Years of training and on-the-job experience equip them with the knowledge and skills to determine the fastest route, while avoiding any unexpected interruptions and missed deadlines.

Experienced: The Ningbo freight forwarder will also handle all documents required for cross-border and international shipping. Not having proper paperwork can lead to lengthy delays as items get stuck in customs or banks refuse to release funds without the required identification.

Protect your business: Ningbo freight forwarder take the guesswork out of the process to ensure your company is protected every step of the way. In addition to cargo insurance, freight forwarding services also include risk assessment and management.

  1. Cheaper.

As with your choice of Made-in-China products, cheapness will be the number one reason. Factors such as lower labor costs, lower exchange rates, lower fees, etc., make the charges of Ningbo freight forwarder much cheaper, not only freight, but also other handling fees.

The circumstances here allow them to develop optimal pricing based on your specific logistics needs. This means buyers have higher profit margins or are able to sell at more competitive prices.

Please note that most international freight forwarders doing business in China will use a local logistics or freight forwarding company as they are low cost and local knowledgeable, which means that freight forwarders in your country cannot directly handle Chinese shipments.

  1. Agile

It is really necessary for Ningbo freight forwarder to quickly adjust their operations to better suit your needs and provide flexibility in how they handle your shipments.

Multinational freight forwarders have always insisted on using their own overseas offices to ship your shipments, which is sometimes not the best option as their joint offices may not have the right expertise for you. This means they don’t have the ability to switch service providers or improve service levels if something goes wrong.

You’re better off finding a Ningbo freight forwarder who big enough for all your shipping needs and small enough to care about you.

  1. Personalized service and customer focus

Because you are dealing with one or two people in a separate office who will manage your entire logistics operation, independent Ningbo freight forwarder provide a more intimate one-on-one relationship that can help improve your operations as they become more familiar with your business operations and requirements.

They can also empathize with your day-to-day stress because you’re not just their number, but can focus more on your problems and come up with solutions quickly.

  1. Operational efficiency and flexibility

There is a lot of paperwork and administration, logistics, timing, jet lag, currency, language barriers, and strict import, export and customs procedures to consider. Each country has different regulations that Ningbo freight forwarder providers must fully understand and comply with to ensure safe and fast delivery of goods.

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shipping logistics china forwrader

Everything goes well with Xiongda, they helped me to deal with all the details in the LCL sea shipping from China to USA. Their services are so impressive and handy. Highly recommend!

Michael K. Gazaway

United States

forwarder agent in china client testimonial

Shipping from China to USA is not an easy thing, there are too many things to be considered, especially in the pandemic period. Everything becomes more difficult than before. And thank you Xiongda to deal with all the trouble things for me!

Corey J. Burgess

United States

freight forwarding companies

Our business at Amazon is at a growing stage. We need to update our shipping plan with better price and better services. Xiongda's prices are reasonable, and more importantly our fullfillment deliveries are always on time.

Sean E. Wygant

United States

shipping agent from china to usa clients

I have a super market in Florida, I'm experienced in shipping from China to USA. Glad to work with Xiongda for a few of my containers. They are professional in shipping to China, and their extra services does save me from the stuff. Thank you and keep good job!

Clifton J. Kim

United States

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