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Ms Lee, Amazon FBA Seller.


I'm new to the FBA transportation from China to the United States. The previous agent took 50 days to deliver the goods, so the sales volume failed to increase. However, the product value is not high and it is too expensive to go by air. There is no storage warehouse in China, factories do not give storage temporary production and slow

Xiongda provides me with multiple locations in China to pick up goods + domestic storage services. And the professional transportation solutions, the combination of fast and slow delivery in the agreed time, for customers to save freight and timely product sales shelves.
Their service make my store sales increase than before. If you are heading around to for the best freight forwarder china sino shipping, then Xiongda is your priority.


United States

Because of the epidemic, my goods can't be transported from Kunshan, and the goods are in a hurry to my store. Because of the epidemic, the traffic is very strict.

This problem troubled us very much, because of the price and shipping schedule of the shipping market. We got in touch with Shanghai Xiongda International Logistics Co., Ltd., and after understanding and communication, we tried to cooperate with Xiongda at the first time.

Their professional transportation and service quality have been well received by foreign customers. In my opinion, Shanghai Xiongda International Logistics Co., Ltd., as a professional transportation service company, is quite professional and responsible.

Miss Macphee, Clothing Designer

United States

My clients have been shipping by air all the time, but due to the gradual increase in the price of air freight, the shipping cost is simply too high. When she contacted me for the first time, I recommended the service of Mason Clipper.

She has not tried this shipping method before and has many concerns, but I gave her accurate sailing information and promptly responded to her cargo transportation. Situation, her product was delivered on time. The first cooperation and subsequent cooperation have been very stable, and received thanks from freight forwarder china sino shipping

UC Trucking INC, Christmas Tree

United States

Our Christmas tree wooden crate shipping is oversized, and we don't know how to ship to the United States. We have to receive the goods within 16 days, the time requirement is relatively high. Oversized wooden boxes can not be delivered to the door, Xiongda provides the solution for the us is to transport to their U.S. warehouse, and the we will pick up the goods.Xiongda arranged Maton fastest shipping.

Finally, we received the goods on time, and their timeliness and logistics solution ensured that the we successfully used the product before Christmas. They are absolutely the best freight forwarder china sino shipping forwarder.

Mr.Shen, Amazon Seller,

United States

We just started our Amazon selling, Xiongda helped with the Amazon shipping configuration, thank you to their professionalism. And since the US Customs has strict inspection requirements for concealment and omission.

If the inspection will pay + deduct goods inspection, most of the tax package in the market are low declaration, very unsafe, and the customer is DHL at the beginning, know it is to pay tax, and successfully solve the problem after transmission. 

After the above 2 problems are solved,my monthly shipments are stable and increasing, which makes my sales increase.

Mrs Zhang, Amazon Seller

United States

I used to do traditional foreign trade. Now my company has set up a separate department, which wants to be Amazon e-commerce in the United States. Since our company is relatively large.

Want to formally declare the tax refund, but the best way for Amazon to refund the tax is 9810 customs declaration. We consulted many freight forwarders in the market, but they were unable to operate 9810 customs declaration, and finally contacted Xiongda.

They  have been engaged in the international logistics and transportation industry for 16 years and has a professional operation team, they can perfectly solve the problem of 9810 customs declaration. Finally, through their professional assistance, the 9810 customs declaration succeed, and the we have a favorable tax refund. It solves a big problem in transportation.

Luis, Sundrygoods,

United States

I don't know that the whole container can be delivered to his home, and I don't know that the tax can be included.
Solve the problem: pick up the goods at the port, and the tax package saves the customer customs duties, saves the troublesome customs clearance process, and all kinds of handling fees

Jack, Purchasing Manager,FCL

United States

I am the purchasing manager of the company. I have been purchasing swimsuits from China since last year. We all ship in the way of FCL.The transportation time limit of the previous cooperation logistics has been more than 60 days, which can not meet our supply requirements, and they can't feed back the goods status to us in time.

There is no appointment before delivery, which has caused great trouble to us.Later, the supply company recommended Shanghai xiongda International Logistics Co., Ltd. to us.

After understanding that they have 15 years of Sino US transportation experience.We had our first cooperation in March this year. Their service is amazing.Their service is door-to-door,They will give us feedback on the status of the goods in time and make an appointment with us before delivery, so that we can prepare the space for in time. Moreover, the overall timeliness of this transportation is 41 days, which is a great surprise. We look forward to more cooperation with Shanghai xiongda International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Kate,Clothign Store,Matson Clippers

United States

We mainly sell woman's pajamas, in 18 years with xiongda cooperation. By xiongda to provide messen express service, for customers in the process of goods transport timeliness and safety to provide strong insurance, become the customer designated cooperation international logistics company.

Jason, Clothing Retailer, LCL

United States

I am engaged in clothing retail and wholesale business, and pay special attention to the stability of timeliness.I cooperated with Shanghai Xiongda International Logistics Co., Ltd. through the introduction of domestic factories. Before, my logistics partner LCL was very slow.

Since the cooperation with Xiongda, fast LCL shipping is so fast and stable that it only takes 15-18 days in the western United States and 20-22 days in the eastern United States to sign off. Compared with the cost of air transportation before, now I prefer to choose Xiongda Express LCL transportation, which not only helps me save freight, but also meets my delivery time requirement. I have been working with Xiongda for more than two years, and I am very lucky to thank Xiongda. I also introduced my business partner to Xiongda.

I believe that he will be the same as me. Particularly satisfied with the fast ship LCL transportation of Xiongda.

Chanel,Luxury Goods,Matson Clippers

United States

We contact with the company started in 2021, because of the outbreak, a lot of transport channels blocked, seriously affect its domestic production lead time, need to transfer many times, each time before spend more transportation time, because of my company to provide DDP double clearance to door service, one-on-one follow-up service, and they help us to save half of the transportation time, Strive for more sales time for us Customers have been praised. We hope to help more customers save time, improve efficiency, is our constant purpose.

Sadie Jones, Amazon Seller,

United States

I am an Amazon seller in America, and all goods need to be imported from China, so I really need a stable and high-quality logistics supplier. After a friend's introduction, I found Xiongda International Logistics Group and established a long-term stable cooperation. I'm very satisfied with this. Every shipment is safe and delivered to FBA warehouse on time.And always make transportation plans according to my different limitation requirements.You put me at ease and hope that we can develop and grow together..

Hailey Roberts, Air Freight

United States

We are a fashion company. We import goods from China, but we need very strict time. We often transport goods by air. The logistics company I cooperate with must ensure my timeliness 100%. After two or three years of cooperation with xiongda, the air + truck service they arrange for me has been very stable, and the double clearance door-to-door service has saved me a lot of energy, I don't need to worry about any transportation problems. This is the reason why I always use xiongda logistics

David, Apparel Purchasing Manager

United States

Our product value is relatively high, we provide full insurance to allow customers to transport domestic logistics violent transportation,
free reinforcement and replacement after the goods arrive at the warehouse, so that the goods are intact There are various types of goods to be transported abroad.
The warehouse operators make pallets according to the type, which is convenient for customers to accept different types of goods and ensures the safety of transportation. Finally we received our products quickly and safely,  thank you Xiongda you are best freight forwarder china sino shipping forwarder.

Oliver Barker

United States

We buy carpets from Qingdao, China. But the products are roughly package with woven bags, we started the cooperation with Xiognda, they helped us to change the packages with cartons. Thanks to their extra services.


Jake Clark

United States

Our goods are high value, and we need a rush shipping. And also we want to save the tax cost, Xiongda provides a solution for us. That is to ship the goods separtely and declare the single product value. Thanks to their professional service!

Isaiah Gardner

United States

We do not undstand the foreign trade logistics clearly, Xiongda helped us to solve the door pick up the goods, the demand of the tax package clearance, I will recommend them to my friends. Thank you again!


United States

We run a large clothing store. Due to the shortage of raw materials from the factory, we planned replenishment time has been extended, which will lead to the interruption of sales progress and even loss! Xiongda made a segmented plan for us, which not only solved the problem perfectly, but also avoided the high transportation cost. We have been cooperating with Xiongda till now. I think they are the best freight forwarder china sino shipping I have met.

shipping from china to us

Tony, Amazon Seller

United States

We sell FBA clothing products,  our company is in Hangzhou, Cooperative factory in Guangdong, Dozens of clothing goods and bulk cargoes are shipped every week. In cooperation with many logistics companies, there are some problems in other logistics businesses: product loss, logistics failure to help customers paste delivery marks as required, and aging cause customers to delay delivery of goods in time, resulting in customer ranking decline and time failure.

In order to ensure the safety of customers' goods, Xiognda provide  the problem of container or sea card pallet, because such multi-box products can ensure that the goods will not be lost, including our time requirements. Clippers or slow ships are arranged according to our  product emergency and non-emergency. Reasonable arrangement can help us save a lot of freight.

Finally, through Xiongda plan for us, our products can not only be put on shelves in time according to the requirements of shelves, but also customers' Amazon sales are steadily increasing, customers' Amazon ranking is also steadily increasing, and customers are very satisfied. I have to admit that Xiongda did their best for me, and they are the best freight forwarder china sino shipping I have ever met.

fba freight shipping

Big Stomach, Clothing Buyer

United States

Our  clothing wholesaler in New York, in August 2021, the market space is short of a space is hard to get, the shipping company appointed freight forwarding can not provide enough space, resulting in the customer's cargo can not leave China on schedule.

Xiongda has strong strength and strong booking ability. After understanding our needs, they quickly transfer the relationship between Shanghai and Shenzhen ports to solve the booking problem for customers. In October to December until 2022 January shipping season, for customers perfect solution to the shipping difficulties of the crisis, booked about 100 container space. They truly help us through difficult times.

At the same time, Xiongda understand that we not only need space, most of the goods are customers in need of urgent money. Shonda's cabin is OOCL  CMA  COSCO  EMC This kind of high-quality shipping routes, to help us solve the need for space at the same time also provide the fastest routes to ensure that customers catch up with the delivery date. Achieved the demand + upgrade of quality service. I will definitely place more shipping orders with Xiongda, they are best freight forwarder china sino shipping agent!

Helen, Individual Buyer

United States

The first time I bought something from China and imported it into the United States, the volume is very small, and the express fee is too expensive. I learned from the website that Shanghai xiongda can take the special line shipping at 21kg. I tried it. I was so surprised that I signed for it in 16 days after arriving at my address in Texas. It was still shipping, which saved me a lot of cost. I now have a cargo volume of 21kg from the beginning to 2 tons per week. Thank xiongda very much and miss Loki for her excellent business. She has been patiently helping me contact Chinese factories and inland transportation in China

china freight forwarderchina freight forwarder

Tina,Amazon Seller

United States

We have our own store, and the quantity is not very large at the beginning. Each shipment is about 10 cbm, and it is sent to the ONT8 warehouse, but it is a fast and safe way to enter the warehouse.

We need the delivery method of the whole container, but the volume does not reach the whole container. It happens that the warehouse is ONT8 warehouse. Xiongda recommend the delivery method of LCL + truck to the us, because they  have a lot of goods sent to the ONT8 warehouse, just in time. Our goods can be combined with other goods to ONT8 and shipped as a whole container.

Although our volume is not enough for a whole container, but the whole container is sent to the ONT8 warehouse, which does not delay the speed of the our products on the shelves, but also saves the transportation cost.

shipping from china to amazon fba

Nami,Amazon Seller

United States

We need to ship from China to the Amazon warehouse in the United States for a long time, and  will ship to the same Amazon warehouse three times a week. Because of the increase in sea freight, the cost of separate shipments is high.

Xiongdga provideed us with the transportation method of FCL by sea. Every Thursday, we arrange a trailer to pull the our supplier warehouse to load the goods at one time, and then send it to the overseas warehouse in the United States for dismantling and distribution.

Through the transportation method of the whole container, we saved 15% of the previous transportation cost every week, and reduces the operation frequency, making it simpler, safer and more efficient.

cheapest shipping from china to usa


United States

We mainly engaged in Amazon fitness equipment products at the US station. Our company is in Qingdao. The factory is in Yiwu.We usually send about 5000kg goods every week, which are heavy goods. In the previous transportation, the aging is always fast and slow, and the stability of transportation aging is relatively poor. As a result, Amazon often runs out of stock, affecting store ranking and sales

Xiongda have a certain proportion advantage in transporting heavy goods, so we chooses to transport the goods from them once, and when the goods arrive at the warehouse. The packed the goods with standard pallet and sent me a photo. The pallets are very standard. The cartons are wrapped with winding film to prevent goods from scattering or deformation during transportation. Woven bags are used outside to tightly wrap the goods with the pallet. Xiongda has done great in the details .

And every ship is real. We match the corresponding ship according to the our requirements for timeliness. The goods can be accurately delivered to Amazon warehouse within the scope of customer requirements.

After this cargo transportation, we  transferred all the goods to us for transportation, so that each batch of goods of the customer can arrive at Amazon warehouse safely and stably. This makes the ranking of our store rise and the sales volume rise. At present, there are 1-2 full containers per week, I have to say that they are the best freight forwarder china sino shipping.
freight forwarder china 1

Sabrina Larsen

United States

I'm a supplier of F21 in the United States. I'm very anxious about a batch of goods. I need to sign for it within three days and look for a logistics company everywhere. Then I found Shanghai xiongda logistics company and asked them if they can do it. Xiongda company is very responsible. It helped me ask many airlines and helped me take off the next day. I received the goods in three days. The customer is very happy. Since then, I have recognized xiongda logistics and cooperated with it so far

Kaiyote Jackson

United States

I’m kaiyote Jackson who runs a fitness Center in New York.I’ve been cooperated with XD Logistic 5 years since 2017.Every year, I will import a large number of sports tapes from China to meet the needs of customers for sports protection.Their transportation allows me to completely focus on the operation of the fitness center without having to worry about the sports consumables.They transport the tape door to door and complete customs clearance and pay customs duties also.Their transportation is fast and stable.They have helped me solve the crisis of several stock outs.Very trustworthy! And the best freight forwarder china sino shipping forwarder. 

Wal Mart,

United States

I'm a buyer from Wal Mart. I've been importing clothes from China for more than ten years and have been cooperating with several logistics companies. However, due to the continuous rise of sea freight in 21 years, I found a new company to cooperate with xiongda international logistics.

They can not only ensure the stability of my goods, but also have sufficient storage space. The tracking of goods is also very good. LCL,FCL and operation are very professional. Thank Martin, Thanks to xiongda Logistics, you guys best freight forwarder china sino shipping forwarder.

John, Toy Wholesale,

United States

 I need to transport a shipment of toys to the fair,I only have 20 days left,The company meeting decided to use air transport Solve shipping time issues,But the shipping price by air is higher than the budget,So I thought of shipping by sea.

The fatal problem is that the shipping time by sea is too long to catch up with the exhibition;Find Shanghai Xiongda International Logistics Co., Ltd. through advertising, and provide me with fast shipping services,Shipped within 15 days to sign for delivery,This time, the transportation cost and transportation time have been solved; if the exhibition fails to catch up, the market share will be lost, which will seriously affect the sales volume in half a year.
Thank you Shanghai Xiongda International Logistics

Nicole, Healthcare Consultant,

United States

In October of 21, Nicole had 20 tons of product packaging boxes that needed to be delivered from China to Mt. Juliet in Tennessee before November 20.

Nicole found us on the Internet to arrange the shipment. After our detailed communication with Nicole, considering the delivery time of the Chinese factory and the whole transportation process, I helped Nicole formulate an appropriate logistics plan. Through the express shipping service from China to the United States, the goods were delivered to Tennessee in time. Nicole also completed the packaging of the goods before Christmas, so her products sold smoothly.

I'm very satisfied with Xiongda's transportation service, and I think they are the best freight forwarder china sino shipping supplier.

Lillian Wilson

United States

Our main purchases in China are filter materials, and we need to receive in within 20 days. Xiongda helped us through the whole process through Matson Express and high-quality domestic transportation, and we also have insurance services, will order more shipment with Xiongda. They are really the best freight forwarder china sino shipping forwarder in China!

Keith Beauchamp, Electrical Appliance Factory

United States

We wants to purchase accessories from several factories in China to the United States assembly and want to reduce freight costs.  We started to make an inquiry and sent me the factory's information, asking me to contact the factory to understand the packing list and then make an offer. 

The first order was concluded in March, and  we arevery satisfied with their time-sensitive service after signing for it. Our second batch was sent out in May. If you want to find best freight forwarder china sino shipping forwarder, you have now!

china forwarder to usa

Tommy Elliott

United States

We didn't have clear data, Xiongda help to knowth data of the goods from the factory and  pick up the goods directly. The total cost was reported to the me and the factory, and finally the deal was concluded

Lily Robertson

United States

We are buying  costumes from China, and we were shipping the clothing through the express or ocean freight. But we have nevered tried the DDP shipping. After the communication with Xiongda, we placed our first order with Xiongda, everything went well. We will definitely place more orders!


United States

We are based in New York and have been struggling with shipping issues lately, the Forwarders make all sorts of promises but the shipments don't really come in at the time promised. Xiongda's shipments are always within the promised time, which reinforces our cooperation and keeps us efficient.


United States

We have been working with Xiongda for three years and we have always provided the best service for us. According to different commodities , they developed an exclusive transportation plans for us, so as to promote the smooth progress of his marketing.


United States

I work as a purchasing manager for a clothing purchasing company. Our problem is that the forwarder often tells her that the goods have been detained for customs inspection, and we have to pay high fees. This often adds to the transportation cost. Xiongda told me that the safety of goods is the first factor in logistics and transportation, and told us the reason of the matter and finally we chose Xiongda. 


United States

 We cooperated with Xiongda last year. In the busiest time of the wharf last year, before we cooperated with Xiongda, our goods were stuck in the wharf for 80 days. Later, Xiongda suggested us to change to a better shipping company and an international logistics company and explained the advantages to us. At the beginning of the first cooperation, Xiongda only took 19 days to send the goods to our Texas. Awesome! You guys are the best freight forwarder china sino shipping agent!

Dada Wu

United States

I'm new in FBA and needs shipping from China to America. I don't know how to calculate the billing weight and how to transport from China to America。

Through the communication with the Xiongda on the phone, they explained the calculation method of transportation and the requirements of transportation packaging, and quoted prices for me at any time. They let me  know how to do amazon delivery and some requirements, so as to avoid his delivery problems

They successfully solved the delivery requirements and calculation methods and charging algorithm of weight, smooth and successful delivery

shipping from china customer

Veronyca, Shoe Dealer

United States

Our shipping from China to US is sea transportation + UPS distribution, and this often cause the loss of goods.

Xiongda provides us with sea + truck transportation, they put the goods on a pallet and reinforced and fixed goods with winding film. So that our goods will not be lost and products are better protected


United States

Sine our the value of our products is very high. Before cooperating with xiongda, the goods were lost, but the claim was fruitless. This is a great loss for me.

I'm very relieved by the insurance business of xiongda company. The lost goods will be fully compensated according to our lost value, and the freight of the lost goods will be exempted. It has been nearly three years since the cooperation, and there has been no loss of parts once, which surprised me very much. Of course, I also believe in the strength of xiongda company. If there is a problem, they will have the ability to bear the problem. It's great!


United States

Some of our auto parts are in short supply. We need to transport and receive the products quickly. The shipping time is too slow, and express delivery needs to clear customs by itself. It is very troublesome. I want a transportation solution that can quickly receive goods without customs clearance.

We are equipped with a flight separately. After the goods arrive in the United States, Xiongda's customs clearance company cleared the customs, and then send them to us.

We received products in short supply in a timely manner, and our buyers can also replenish goods in a timely manner, and the repurchase rate of foreign customers has increased by 65%. Awesome! You guys deserve the best freight forwarder china sino shipping forwarder in China.

shipping agent china

shipping agent china

Lee,Purchasing Manager

United States

We want to purchase a fuel pump this time, and the quantity is relatively large. Our company is very anxious to receive this batch of goods. The transportation cost of air freight is too high, and the time limit of ordinary sea freight is too slow, which will delay the delivery of the our order.

Xiongda recommended the self-operated Matson Clipper to the us, which arrived at the port 11 days after sailing, and took 15 days to sign for the whole process.

The transportation cost is 1/3 of that of air freight, and the goods were received within the time specified by our company, and the company also successfully completed the delivery of the order, which was well received by our end customers.

shipping to amazon fba rapid express freight
shipping agent china xiongda shagnhai

Amy,Amazon Seller

United States

We are an individual seller and has not applied for import and export rights in the United States. The goods cannot be cleared after the goods arrive in the United States. The quantity is not very large, and the shipping time is too slow to meet the demand. We only needs to contact the Chinese supplier to deliver the goods to the warehouse of Xiongda International Logistics, and all the following things are completed by Xiongda operation. Meet the warehouse entry time

shipping from china to amazon fba

Helen, Purchasing Manager

United States

Every time we imports a batch of clothing, we have to calculate the price of the clothes, the cost of freight, and the tariff of the clothing, which is very troublesome and wants a simple pricing method.

We contact the Chinese clothing supplier to provide the packing documents and the value of the goods. After calculating the cost selling price, freight and tariff of the clothing, calculate it on each piece of clothing, so that foreign customers get all the cost of a piece of clothing.

After receiving the price, we clearly knows what the cost price of a piece of clothing is, which saves the customer a lot of time and energy, because the simple calculation method also increases clothing purchases in China. all these are because of Xiongda efforts, and they are the best freight forwarder china sino shipping agent we've met.

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