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The first step in selling goods on Amazon is to create a product Listing, product listings on Amazon can be understood as a product introduction page, consisting of seven core components: title, image, five-point description, product description, keywords, Q&A, classification nodes.

Why optimize product listings on Amazon?

Without product listing optimization, your product ranking is low and consumers can’t see your listing, which will make you lose some orders. It’s worth spending time optimizing your product listings in order to get more customer attention and ensure that your products get the most bang for your buck.


product listings on Amazon

product listings on Amazon


Optimizing your product listings on Amazon has the following benefits:

  1. Increase listing visits
  2. Increase conversion rate
  3. Increase revenue

Amazon has its own specific algorithm to grab the perfect listing, and how the listing page is integrated is entirely up to you.

For more, check out the Amazon Seller Central

Optimization methods of product listings on Amazon


According to the number of Reviews can help sellers roughly determine the competitor’s listing on the shelves, so as to estimate how long it is more than their listing on the shelves in the morning, the use of the number of reviews it left and the frequency of the product listing for reference, estimate the time required to create a competitor’s listing as the state.
Then develop a single, increase Review sales program, one step at a time.


product listings on Amazon

product listings on Amazon


Listing content

In many optimization articles, will be mentioned, will be ranked in the top 100 best seller used for reference, but there are some sellers found that some best seller’s listing is written very simple, or even only a few words, which makes it difficult for sellers to find any useful information from the listing.
In this case, the best way for new sellers is to pick those sellers whose sales are better than their own (for example, your listing has 10 more reviews).


New listings with reviews will be ranked. In this case, we can track the rankings of competitors, observe their rankings on the charts, look at their daily sales, and then observe what kind of regular growth in the number of orders, through such an analysis, can help us do a good job of stocking the planning.


Inventory is an indicator of whether a product can realize a long-term sales strategy, when you are in different sales levels, the more inventory, it means that its market life cycle is longer, the more it can ensure its long-term development.


product listings on Amazon

product listings on Amazon



Amazon many merchants will put ads, through the ads, we will find that the ads are not long, the number of views is not much, but why the ad position has been so front? This has a lot to do with the listing’s advertising and order conversion.

Ads can increase the exposure of the listing, and the price of the listing is a good support, if your conversion rate increases, then Amazon will provide you with more traffic.
Therefore, before launching a new product, make sure you budget well and advertise more as you can afford it.

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Amazon Listing Optimization | Best Guide-Xiongda


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