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This post will introduce you to Amazon FBA product Reviews Management. This is a must-have course for Amazon sellers.

For many consumers, when they desire to purchase an item, they do not understand the characteristics of the item itself. Experienced sellers will refer to the item’s evaluation.In this case, consumer reviews are very important to sellers because their reviews will directly influence whether other sellers buy your item or not.


FBA Product Reviews

FBA product reviews


Differences between Feedback and FBA Product Reviews?

  1. Feedback belongs to Store, which is left by customers, and Review belongs to Listing, which is left by platform users.
  2. Feedback is the customer’s evaluation of the purchase order, including product quality, service level, delivery time and goods and description of the consistency of the Review is the Amazon users of the product Listing evaluation, Review only for the product itself, does not include other aspects.
  3. The Review itself has been evaluated, but for users who have not purchased, after leaving the Review, it is not possible to Feedback on the seller’s store.
  4. The quality of Feedback will directly affect the change of ODR indicators, Listing will directly affect the exposure and ranking of Listing.

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Amazon FBA product reviews management

Across zero reviews

For sellers on Amazon, how to get the first review on a new product listing is very important. So, how do new sellers get their first review?

Get a friend or acquaintance to buy and leave an evaluation.
New products just launched, you can invite their acquaintances, friends or old customers to buy and leave evaluation, so that the evaluation is more real and credible, of course, the premise of this approach is that you want to have these friends and relatives in the sales country.


FBA Product Reviews

FBA product reviews


Sending emails to consumers who purchased the product within 10-14 days of the product sale and asking them to post a review is the most common and effective way to do this, as consumers will usually give back to the seller.

Manage your reviews

The Amazon platform has a self-checking system that randomly detects product Reviews, and the system automatically removes illegal Reviews.
The purpose of this is to objectively and truthfully reflect the accurate information of the Listing. For sellers, they also have the opportunity to defend their rights in vicious Reviews.

Veview management advice

On the Amazon platform, the number of Feedbacks is about 10 times that of Reviews, and sellers can check Feedbacks every day, contact super-satisfied customers who have left four- and five-star Feedbacks, and thank them for their reviews.

Recently, Amazon has shown an aggressive attitude towards product reviews on the platform: any product review that Amazon suspects of being manipulated to leave only positive reviews is considered a violation of Amazon policy.Amazon simply wants to show real reviews on the platform based on real user experiences.


FBA Product Reviews

FBA product reviews


Amazon considers the following to be violations of this policy:`

  1. Posting reviews before receiving a product;
  2. Reviews being sold at a discount without prior notice;
  3. Sellers offering discounted requests for reviews in order to obtain them;
  4. Sellers selecting reviewers in advance who provide only praise; therefore, sellers must be careful not to violate the above policy.

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