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Amazon keywords optimization is not a new content, reasonable layout of keywords can increase the probability of the product being included by the platform and search engine, improve the weight and increase product exposure.

Amazon keywords optimization skills

Amazon Keywords Optimization – Title and listing

A complete Listing title should contain both head traffic words and long-tail conversion words to get better results. It is recommended to put the Listing into a category with accurate traffic and less competition around it, and then mainly focus on the natural ranking of keywords, so that the product is easier to get the Best Seller in this category.

After getting the BS, Amazon will also give this Listing to do automatic off-site promotions from time to time to increase the traffic, which in turn will help to further improve the single volume again.

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Amazon keywords optimization


How to find keywords? 

1. Use common tools for Amazon keywords optimization, such as Oulu, Seller Wizard, etc., through which you can also see the specific search volume of keywords and the number of Listings for sale; you can also use Amazon’s official brand analysis tool (you need to have a brand for the record before you can use it properly).

2. Manually find related words in the search drop-down box: directly manually type big words in the Amazon search bar, then select the appropriate keywords and collect them.

3. Collect keywords from competitor listings: regularly look for competitor keywords and select the good ones to add or adjust to your own listings.

Amazon keywords optimization – advertising

For how to optimize Amazon keywords, advertising is very important and more critical. Through advertising can make the target keywords to focus more traffic, improve sales at the same time, but also can improve the natural search rankings of the keywords, two birds with one stone.

For Amazon keywords optimization, advertising is mainly focused on the station’s commodity promotion and brand promotion.


Amazon keywords optimization


Commodity promotion, that is, through bidding to make advertisements presented in the search results and product details page, so as to enhance the exposure of individual products;

Commodity promotion is generally used for regular placement, from improving the visibility of new products to the promotion of seasonal goods or to create more demand for best-selling products.

Branding, which raises brand awareness by presenting ads with brand logos and customized headlines and content on the search results page. Branding can display the brand logo, customized text, and up to three products.

Branding will generate a series of reports when it is turned on, and the tool allows you to analyze the performance of your ads to achieve a “targeted” effect.

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Amazon keywords optimization


Amazon store operation is not static, how to optimize Amazon keywords, depending on the store’s operating conditions and market environment. Based on the overall optimization principle, reasonable advertising, regular data collection and analysis, keyword ranking and store sales can be steadily improved.

If you don’t want to just read these text interpretations, you can click on the video below to help you understand more quickly about the Amazon keywords optimization:


There are many great Amazon optimization tools on the market that can help sellers streamline and efficiently optimize their products.

Amazon keywords optimization Tool (Free)

1, Although Jungle Scout is a paid tool, it also provides some free features and resources, such as FBA Profit Calculator, Sales Estimator, Keyword Research Tool, Amazon Academy and so on.
These free features and resources can help sellers quickly understand the basic knowledge and skills of Amazon selection and operation, as well as assess the potential of their products and markets.

2, Google Trend is a free online search tool to analyze the heat of keywords queried by users in different regions. You can use it to view the popularity and search trends of a keyword within a certain time frame.
These data indicators mainly come from Google Search, Google Shopping, YouTube, Google News and Google Images.

3, Google Keywords Planer is Google Adwords (commonly known as Google Bidding) in the configuration of a keyword research tool. You can use this tool to view the keywords you want to know, and look for words related to the specified keywords.

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