To Improve FBA Product Sales Ranking | 10 Key Point

How to improve FBA product sales ranking? First of all, you need to understand that Amazon has two major rankings, search ranking and category ranking.

The top rankings are generally Amazon self-supporting and choose Amazon logistics and delivery sellers. Where the use of Amazon logistics most of the goods will be prioritized to display, this has to do with the Amazon buyers shopping habits.

Key indicators affecting the FBA product sales ranking

Sales, positive feedback and performance indicators, the higher the combined score of the three, the higher the search ranking.

1. Sales: directly affects the Amazon sales sales the higher the ranking.

2. Favorable feedback: Amazon focuses on the user reputation of the product, and has its own evaluation system.

3. Performance: contains two categories of Amazon policy indicators and performance indicators. This one includes many aspects, such as buyer feedback, refund rate, order defect rate and so on.

If you want to know more about it, click on Amazon Seller Center.


FBA product sales ranking

FBA product sales ranking


How to improve FBA product sales ranking?

1.Optimize Amazon product title

First of all sellers have to optimize the product title and make sure that all the relevant information is applied to the title.

Since Amazon is also a search engine, it is very important to optimize keywords. Sellers should never pile up keywords in the title, optimizing the title should not only describe the product clearly, but also insert keywords naturally.

2.Amazon Product Keyword Research

To choose the best keywords for the products you sell, the best practice is to check the best-selling products in your category, analyze the competitors and extract the keywords. Choose the top 4 or 5 products and the highest rated products, browse the product listings and search for the most relevant keywords that match your product.

3.Optimize Amazon product price

Whenever you set a price for a product, make sure you check the competition, you’re unlikely to win with a large price gap. Sellers should not price their products too high when they are the same or similar to what their competitors are offering in the marketplace, as this can significantly reduce your sales.

4. Optimize Amazon product images

High quality images are associated with higher sales, and images tend to attract buyers to view your information. If there are only a few images with low resolution, then they may not want to buy the product.


FBA product sales ranking

FBA product sales ranking


5. Optimize Amazon product descriptions

Product descriptions play an important role in convincing buyers to make a purchase, so it is important for sellers to highlight the benefits of their products, use the right keywords in their product descriptions and focus strongly on what resonates with consumers and showcases the selling points of their products.

6. In the five-point description to explain the function of the Amazon product

The five-point description has more space than the title. If the five-point description does not highlight the key points, then users may just close the product page, which affects the “bounce rate” and in turn negatively affects the product ranking.

7. Keep products in stock

It’s important to make sure your products are never “out of stock”. If you are a self-shipping seller, keep in close contact with your suppliers to ensure that your products are always in stock.

8. Background Search Keywords

Backend search keywords should be covered:

Keywords or search terms that you can’t use in the product description or title;

Misspelled (but highly searched on Amazon) or product related keywords;

Translating the product into Spanish or French, as a portion of the US population will Spanish;

Other synonyms that may be used by buyer searches;


FBA product sales ranking

FBA product sales ranking


9. Product Reviews and Ratings

Product ratings and reviews are another important factor Amazon considers when ranking products, which affects click-through rates and conversions, thus improving rankings.

10. Using FBA for shipping

With FBA, professional sellers can not only get higher visibility on the Amazon search results page, but also help you win the “Buy Box”.

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FBA product sales ranking

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