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According to Amazon data, 70% of users only view products on the first page of search results. So as an Amazon seller, you definitely want your product to be on the first page of search results so that more buyers can see it. Then Amazon listing optimization is something you must learn.

Amazon product listing optimization includes tracking keywords, improving seller reputation, and optimizing things like photos, titles, and descriptions.

3 Keys Affecting Amazon Listing Optimization

Keyword Tracking Tool to Monitor Product Ranking on Amazon

These Amazon-specific keyword research tools include:

Keyword Scout

Can be connected to Jungle Scout and Splitly
Keyword Scout is Jungle Scout’s keyword research tool that uses real-time Amazon data to provide you with relevant keyword options for your product listings.


Amazon Listing Optimization



keywords can be extracted from global markets
You can search for a word, phrase or ASIN directly from the MerchantWords homepage. However, you must register if you want to view the results.

MerchantWords is “Amazon’s real-time search database for shoppers.” From these data, MerchantWords can extract more valuable and relevant keywords for you to use in your product listings.


 A powerful free keyword search tool
Sonar is a Sellics program that helps you extract data from real-time customer searches on Amazon.

Trending keyword tracking tools include:

  •  KeyworX: A cost-effective ranking tracking tool
  • Splitly: Easily connect to Keyword Scout
  • AMZ Tracker: keyword ranking tracking tool


success selling on amazon


A/B Testing Tools to Test Live Listings on Amazon

Amazon A/B testing tools help eCommerce sellers optimize the exact content of their product listings to drive buyer action.

In traditional Amazon split testing, sellers run variations of their listings and collect data over time to find out which products get more conversions and sales.

Recommend 3 popular split testing tools: Splitly, Cashcowpro and Listing Dojo.

A/B Testing Tools Outside of Amazon

While all of the tools listed above can help, especially with regards to the algorithmic aspects of Amazon listing optimization, none of them can fully address the buyer’s side of things.

Ideal Amazon listing optimization consists of three parts.

  • Product title optimization
  • Product Image Optimization
  • Product description optimization


Amazon Listing Optimization


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