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China is one of the world’s largest exporters, while the United States is one of the most in-demand importers in the world. Trade between China and the U.S. is becoming more and more frequent, and for foreign trade companies, how to safely and efficiently shipping from China to the US is an important part of their daily business.

This article will detail this process and introduce you to the ultimate guide for shipping from China to the US.

How to shipping from China to the US?

Choosing a shipping method

When deciding to shipping from China to the US, you first need to understand the appropriate mode of transportation for your goods.
Common shipping from China to the US methods include ocean freight, air freight, and courier.

Sea Freight from China to the US

Sea shipping from China to the US is suitable for long-distance transportation of bulk goods and is relatively inexpensive. The sea freight price is in 1-2 USD/KG.


shipping from China to the US


FCL shipping : refers to a batch of goods occupying the whole container for transportation, generally need a certain amount of goods to use the whole container transportation mode. Full container transportation is suitable for the case of large volume and single type of goods, and usually the transportation time is short.

LCL shipping : It means that the goods of multiple customers will be assembled in the same container for transportation, and the logistics company will be responsible for assembling and loading. LCL transportation is applicable to the case of smaller volume, more and fragmented types of goods, and usually the transportation time is longer.

There is also a common sea transportation DDP transportation, DDP cost calculation formula is:

DDP = Purchase Cost * [(1-1/1.17*0.1) + (Customs and Inspection + F Domestic Freight)] * (1+z*y) + F Ocean + (THC + Customs Clearance) * z

Air Freight from China to USA

Air shipping from China to the US is the fastest, but the freight cost is higher; the shipping time  of air freight is much faster than sea shipping from China to the US, about 6-8 days, this fast service makes many businessmen willing to choose air freight.

The air freight cost is about 3-5 USD/kg.

Express shipping from China to the US is suitable for the transportation of small urgent items.


shipping from China to the US


You can choose the most suitable shipping from China to the US method according to the nature, quantity and delivery time requirements of the goods.

Amazon FBA shipping from China to the US

The ways to ship Amazon FBA from China are Amazon FBA Ocean Shipping and Amazon FBA Air Shipping.

Amazon FBA sea shipping needs about 18-35 days to transport to Amazon FBA warehouse, suitable for large quantities of goods and the time requirement is not high sellers to choose.

Amazon FBA air shipping can be divided into direct air dispatch and transit air dispatch.

Direct air dispatch, the timeliness is about 5-9 days, transfer air dispatch timeliness may be more than 10 days. It is more suitable for Amazon sellers who need to quickly prepare large quantities of goods in the short term.


shipping from China to the US


Contact the freight forwarding company

After deciding on the mode of transportation, you need to choose a professional freight forwarding company to be responsible for the specific operation of the goods.

Freight forwarding companies can provide booking, customs clearance, cargo packaging, purchase of shipping insurance and a series of services to ensure the smooth shipment of goods.

You need to establish contact with the freight forwarding company and communicate on the specific transportation requirements. In this process, you needs to provide detailed cargo information to the freight forwarding company so that the latter can carry out subsequent operations.

Send the goods to the freight forwarding company warehouse

After selecting the freight forwarder in China, the freight forwarder will help you to send the goods to the warehouse in China, temporary storage, waiting for loading and transportation.

No matter your goods are in Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Guangzhou or any other city in China, Xiongda can provide you with shipping service, we can provide pick up service, really realize door to door shipping service.

Booking and allocation

Freight forwarders booking according to the information provided by foreign trade companies, and ensure that the goods are loaded on the appropriate ship or flight, booking.

Customs declaration and inspection

Before the goods are shipped, the foreign trade company needs to declare the value, quantity, type and other information of the goods to the Chinese Customs and pay the corresponding tariffs and value-added tax. At the same time, according to the requirements of the United States, foreign trade companies also need to complete the corresponding inspection procedures.

In this process, the freight forwarding company will provide the documents and information required for customs clearance and inspection, and assist the foreign trade company to complete the relevant procedures.


customs clearance risk


Ship loading and shipment

In the completion of booking and customs procedures, foreign trade companies need to send the goods to the designated warehouse for loading or loading. In this process, the forwarder will be responsible for the safety and integrity of the goods to ensure that they are not damaged during transportation. After the completion of shipment or loading, the forwarder will provide the corresponding shipment notice or boarding notice to the foreign trade company, informing that the goods have been shipped.

Arrival and customs clearance

After the goods arrive in the United States, they need to go through the U.S. customs clearance procedures. In this process, the foreign trade company needs to provide the U.S. Customs with the appropriate clearance documents and information, including bills of lading, invoices, packing lists and so on. At the same time, according to the requirements of the U.S. Customs, foreign trade companies also need to pay the corresponding tariffs and value-added tax. The U.S. Customs will release the goods after reviewing the documents for accuracy.

Xiongda International Logistics can help you to complete the double customs clearance work in China and the United States.

Distribution and Delivery

Once the goods pass the customs clearance procedure, according to the tariffs accounted for by the customs system, the taxes and fees will be paid after confirming that there is no error.
The foreign trade company can choose to pick up the goods by themselves or have them delivered by the U.S. logistics company.

After the customs clearance, the Chinese freight forwarder will arrange the pickup and deliver the goods to the address specified by the consignee.

After arriving at the U.S. mainland, Xiongda International Logistics will notify the staff of the U.S. warehouse to arrange for the delivery of goods, and there will be courier delivery and truck delivery for you to choose.

The above is the ultimate guide to shipping from China to the US. If you have any other questions, contact us!

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