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An air freight forwarder to USA , In many respects, air freight forwarder perform the same functions as air freight consolidators, except that smaller forwarders may co-load with others rather that actually perform their own consolidations.

To the airlines, the air freight forwarder is a shipper. An air freight forwarder to USA is ordinarily classed as an indirect air carrier.

air freight forwarder to USA

What services do air freight forwarder to USA provide?

Handle the booking of air cargo transportation, receive the cargo and issue the air waybill as the air carrier.

1. The air freight forwarder to USA can be the agent of the cargo owner, responsible for the booking of air cargo transportation, the delivery, receipt and import customs declaration at the departure airport and the arrival airport.

It can also be the agent of the airline, handling the goods and issuing the air waybill as the air carrier, and is responsible for the whole transportation, or both.

As the link and bridge between the cargo owner and the airline, the air freight forwarding company can be the cargo owner’s agent, replacing the cargo owner to go through the procedures of consigning or picking up the goods to the airline, or it can be the airline’s agent, receiving the goods on behalf of the airline, issuing The airline’s main waybill and its own sub-waybill.

2. The domestic air cargo transportation agency business refers to the agency business of civil air cargo transportation with the origin, agreed stopover and destination all within the territory of the People’s Republic of China.

Domestic air cargo transportation agency business is mainly divided into domestic air outbound business, domestic air inbound business and international interline cargo transportation business.

air freight forwarder to USA

What can an air freight forwarder to USA do for me?

Air freight forwarder to USA play the role of a middleman. They connect cargo owners with airlines to form a bridge. The cargo owner books the space with the freight forwarder, and the freight forwarder books the space with the airline to determine the space, and at the same time helps the cargo owner to do customs declaration and other matters.

Because of the international air freight booking operation, the cargo owner does not have the professional knowledge in this area, because the specific booking, operation, customs declaration and other links are more complicated, and it is necessary to find a professional air freight forwarder to USA to operate.

1. “Help with relevant procedures”. One-stop escort for international freight. International freight forwarders can provide one-stop services for shippers, one of which is to handle various procedures on their behalf, which is actually a very humanized service, which can help many shippers solve the problems of procedures.

2. “Reasonably arrange freight routes and freight methods”. Save money for your business as much as possible!

3. The air freight forwarder to USA can “arrange the transportation of goods to the relevant customs port”, and at the same time arrange the communication with the carrier throughout the process.

4. “Dealing with customs duties”, international freight forwarders have more experience in customs duties and are very trustworthy!

air freight forwarder to USA

Operation process of air freight forwarder to USA

Air freight from China to USA

First, the first is to accept customer inquiries

Sea/Air Inquiry: (Need to know the shipping port to all continents, major routes, and understand the cargo information such as cargo name, danger level, etc.). If it cannot be provided in time, please ask the customer to leave contact elements such as phone number, surname, etc. in order to reply to the customer in the shortest possible time.

Second, the order is the customer’s entrustment

Important information to be clarified after accepting the client’s entrustment:

1. Shipping date, number of pieces
2. Box type and volume
3. Gross weight
4. Various types of volume
The large volume is: (length * width * height) the volume that can be installed, the weight that can be installed;
5. Payment terms and contact information of the owner
6. In case of box, door to door or interior

air freight forwarder to USA

Third, Book space for customers
Obtain the bill of lading number, voyage, transit time, etc. and inform the customer. The customer sends the goods to the designated warehouse or yard according to the above warehouse entry time.

Fourth,Export declaration
Understand the information required for customs declaration of frequently exported goods.
①Commodity inspection required
② Quota required
③License required
④A certificate of origin is required
⑤The trademark authorization and brand name should be provided

Five,Confirmation and Amendment of Bill of Lading

Six, after confirming the delivery

The above six steps are the core steps and the framework that an air freight forwarder to USA needs to memorize by heart. Of course, there are still various problems encountered in this, and it is necessary to accumulate corresponding experience by solving them.

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