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For sellers in the Amazon platform, logistics is the most important link, transportation, customs clearance and delivery, may affect the operation of the store.When you import goods from Chinese suppliers to your Amazon store, choose an Amazon FBA air freight forwarder in China, you can send the goods to the warehouse as soon as possible. So what is the FBA shipping process, take a look at the contents of FBA air freight special line!

What does Amazon FBA air freight forwarder in China do?

FBA air freight forwarder is a kind of expert who specializes in shipping from China to Amazon FBA warehouse.
Amazon FBA air freight forwarder in China can speedily meet the requirements of Amazon sellers for timeliness, and also reduce the cost and risk of the sellers’ own shipments.

FBA air freight forwarding service is provided by Amazon FBA, including air freight + local customs clearance + destination country delivery.

Amazon FBA air freight time will be longer, generally about 5-10 days, not suitable for sending very urgent goods. Very urgent goods are generally recommended to send international express.

Advantages: the price is moderate, the timeliness is also good, you can enjoy the many benefits of Amazon.
Disadvantages:Generally need to make an appointment in the warehouse, the operation is relatively troublesome.


When you import goods from Chinese suppliers to your Amazon store, choose an Amazon FBA air freight forwarder in China

Amazon FBA air freight forwarder in China


Amazon FBA air freight operation process

Power of attorney

After the shipper and Amazon FBA air freight forwarder in China confirm the price of transportation and service conditions, the freight forwarder will give the shipper a blank “cargo consignment letter of entrustment”, the shipper will fill out this consignment letter, and fax or return to the freight forwarder.

Consignment letter should include the following contents:
Shipper, consignee, origin airport, destination airport, the required route / application for booking, for transport with the declared value, for customs with the declared value, the amount of insurance, external matters, freight bill attached to the documents, the actual hand weight, freight category, chargeable weight, rates, the name and quantity of goods, the shipper’s signature, date, etc.

Commercial inspection

Amazon FBA air freight forwarder in China will check the content of the power of attorney submitted to see whether the information is complete, whether the goods to do commercial inspection, and the need to do commercial inspection of goods to assist in the process.


Amazon FBA air freight forwarder in China according to the consignor’s “power of attorney” to the airline tonnage control department to receive and fill out the booking form, provide the corresponding information; the name of the goods, volume, weight, number of pieces, destination; the time required for shipment, etc.. The airline will arrange the space and flight according to the actual situation.


Amazon FBA air freight forwarder in China

Amazon FBA air freight forwarder in China


Receiving goods

A: consignor self-delivery: Amazon FBA air freight forwarder in China should fax the goods into the warehouse map to the consignor, indicating the contact person, telephone, delivery address, time, etc.. So that the goods into the warehouse in a timely and accurate manner.

B: Amazon FBA air freight forwarder pickup: the consignor needs to provide the freight forwarder with specific pickup address, contact person, phone, time and other relevant information to ensure that the goods into the warehouse in a timely manner.

Goods into the airport

Cargo handling – weighing – play a single – audit documents – receive documents – fill out the freight bill. -Receive the goods – mark

U.S. air export customs clearance

Need to customs declaration with the relevant invoices, packing lists and freight bills integrated together, and according to the need to attach the relevant supporting documents.

After the above declaration documents are complete, the customs broker holding the customs declaration formally declared to the customs; customs audit is correct, the customs officials that the original waybill shipped with dry stamped on the release.


The bill of lading in the customs release stamp also needs to be signed by the airline, only after the confirmation of the bill of lading will be allowed to single, the goods to the airline.


Amazon FBA air freight forwarder in China


Delivery and shipment

Handover is to the air export airline delivery orders, the airline to arrange air transport. Delivery is the random documents and documents should be retained by the carrier to the airline.

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