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ETL certification certificate is an authoritative, international third-party certification, launched by the Intertek Group of companies in the U.S. ETL certification is a safety certification and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certification, applicable to the United States, Canada and other countries and regions of the market, mainly for the safety of electrical products and compliance testing and auditing.

ETL certification content

Certified standards

ETL certification certificate will list all the certification standards, which includes UL, ANSI, CSA, IEEE and IEC and other international and local standards.


ETL certification


Product test report

This is issued by the certified laboratory documenting the performance of the product in the test and the detailed process of the test. The product test report is one of the basic documents for applying for ETL certificate, proving that the product meets the safety and EMC test requirements.

Product List

This document records the products that have obtained the ETL certification certificate, which is very important for the use of further significance.

Maintenance of monitoring documents

The document is mainly based on the ET logo requirements, regular inspections to ensure the durability of the product and compliance.

There are other certifications here: FDA certification, FCC certification, ETL certification, UL certification. . .

Significance of the ETL certification

  • ETL certificate is carried out by an independent third-party laboratory, with a high degree of independence, the test results obtained with authority and reliability.
  • ETL certificate of the product can prove that it meets the relevant safety and EMC requirements, and effectively improve the quality of the product and market competitiveness.
  • The ETL certificate mark is internationally recognized as a safety mark.
  • The ETL certification mark is internationally recognized as a safety mark and provides an important guarantee for consumers when purchasing products. At the same time, the company that obtains the ETL certification certificate can also obtain a good reputation and credibility.


ETL certification


Application process of ETL certification

Preparation of application materials

You need to provide the basic information of the product, such as instruction manuals, sales quality documents, as well as the statement of the authorized representative of the product, the business license of the enterprise and other relevant certificates.

Conduct tests and obtain test reports

The applicant needs to send the sample to the ETL certificate body laboratory for testing and obtain the test report. If the sample does not pass the test, you need to re-modify the product and re-test.

Audit Application

After the test is completed and passed, the ETL certificate body will review and approve the application. At this time, the authorized person needs to fulfill the application fee and certification fee and other related costs.

Issuance of Certification

Finally, the licensee will receive the ET logo certification certificate and will be authorized to use the logo agreed upon in the license agreement and added to the certification list of the ETL Certification Bulletin.


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