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If you want to know how long it will take shipping from China to the USA, you should see what sea channel you take and which route you take. The time of departure and destination is also very different.

Differences between FBA shipping and traditional shipping

The time it takes to the transport amazon FBA is also different from that of a traditional international voyage. For example, the traditional international voyage refers to the sea voyage time from the departure point to the destination port, while the limitation of Amazon FBA shipping refers to the time after the departure of the ship until the warehousing of the American FBA.

Shipping process from China to the USA

First of all, we need to understand the process of  FBA shipping from China to the USA: cargo collection – customs declaration – loading – shipping – shipping – arrival at the port – customs clearance – container picking – sorting – delivery – warehousing.

The destination port of FBA shipping from China to the United States may be different, resulting in different timelines.

  • West US ports: Los Angeles, Long Beach, Long Beach, Oakl Oakland, San Francisco, San Francisco, Seattle, Tacoma.
  • East Ports: Portland, New York, Norfolk, Savannah, Charleston, Baltimore, Houston, Wilmington, New Orleans, Miami, Jacksonville.


Sea shipping lines


When I talk about shipping from China to the United States, I will divide it into several cases. If it is to the West Coast of the United States, it will take about 16 to 20 days by ordinary ship. Because the company is not the same, the price is not the same, the time will be longer or shorter.

If it goes to the east coast of the United States, the ship will go through the Pacific, through the Panama Canal, and then to the East Coast in about 25 to 28 days. You can also send the cargo to the west coast, and then transport it to the east coast using transportation in the interior of the United States. It takes about 21–23 days, which is more expensive than sea shipping.

If shipping from Shenzhen, China to the United States by sea, the EMC ship will depart from Yantian, Shenzhen, and arrive at Los Angeles in 13-15 days (here refers to the sea voyage time, from the departure time to the arrival time).

ZIM shipping costs 9-10 days after the ship arrived at the Port of Los Angeles; Matson shipping  will depart from Shanghai port and arrive at Long Beach port 8-10 days later.

Shipping mode: shipping + express, shipping + truck

Amazon FBA shipping provides two modes: shipping + express delivery. After customs clearance at the destination port, the container will be delivered to the Amazon FBA warehouse by express delivery. In this mode, warehousing can be carried out without reservation.


sea freight from china to usa ship to amazon fba


There is also shipping+ truck. After customs clearance at the destination port, the goods will be picked up, disassembled, sorted, and then sent to the Amazon FBA warehouse by truck. Truck delivery requires an appointment with the Amazon warehouse.

If the ship is shipped to The US and China, for example, the FTW1 warehouse is taken as an example. The EMC Evergreen ship is detailed in Dallas, and it takes about 28-35 days from the ship to the warehouse. The transportation time of Matson Clipper and ZIM clipper is the same, about 18-20 days, the genera lship can also quickly arrive at FTW1, can be about 18-23 days into the warehouse, of course, the price is more expensive than usual shipping but cheaper than Matson Clipper and ZIM clipper. It takes about 36-40 days to ship from China to the Eastern United States.

In general, Matson Clipper and ZIM clipper are the fastest and have the highest price; “On time” time of the price is also much more affordable, and less than the compensation, is very cost-effective; FBA line direct cost performance is also very good for the whole cabinet big sellers, EMC disassembling  is the cheapest and most suitable for the larger quantity ratio, the time requirement is not so high.

What kind of Amazon logistics transportation company makes people more worry-free?

Nowadays, the involvement of cross-border e-commerce is becoming more and more extensive. However, most foreign trade merchants who have done a good job have a competent international logistics company. A good international logistics company can help us a lot in terms of logistics export and customs clearance, making the goods safer and faster. the destination of the sent customer.

How to choose a logistics and freight agent company from China to the United States?

The competition in all walks of life is fierce, and there are countless uneven freight forwarding companies. How to find a good international logistics company?

Professionalism of customs clearance

A good international logistics company that can let customers rest assured can maintain a good relationship with the major customs and will have its solution when dealing with international export customs clearance of goods. When you encounter a variety of customs problems, logistics companies can very quickly for you solve them.



Logistics information can be tracked

As importers and exporters, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of how their goods are transported. If you choose a reliable company to entrust your goods, but there is no news for a long time, just like a needle dropped into the sea, there is no news, it will only make us anxious. Therefore, we need to find a clear logistics company for the goods process, and we need to keep in touch with you actively. After the import and export of goods, the logistics company needs to regularly feedback on your logistics progress. Let you on their own goods logistics process is very clear, absolutely can greatly improve the quality of service.

More transparent price

Formal international logistics enterprises often have a transparent pricing mechanism, and the entire cost is listed on the international shipping quotation. Of course, if you do not understand, from the point of view of cost, the logistics company will need to give you a detailed explanation. However, general international logistics companies, especially some informal companies, may deliberately raise some prices for profit. There are many excuses for this price, which is very bad for the import and export business. Not only delay logistics time but also damage the interests of sellers.

Good after-sales service

Of course, a company’s team ability is important, but also can not be less good after-sales service, which is the basic responsibility of a qualified logistics company. Without after-sales service, you know nothing about your logistics situation. If you have any questions on the way of logistics transportation, there is no place to consult for feedback, so after-sales service is an essential part of a company.

At last, If you had other questions in mind, please contact us!s, and I will endeavor to respond. 

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