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Amazon FTW1 Warehouse

Warehouse code: FTW1;

Warehouse address: 33333 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Dallas TX;

City: Texas (State of Texas – TX);

Warehouse zip code: 75241-7203.

For sellers who sell their goods on the Amazon platform, choosing the right warehouse is critical to reducing transportation costs and improving delivery speed and service quality.
In this article, we will elaborate on Amazon FTW1 warehouses from the perspective of headway costs.


Amazon FTW1 Warehouse


What is included in shipping from China to Amazon FTW1 warehouse?

The transportation cost of shipping from China to Amazon FTW1 warehouse mainly includes the following aspects:

Transportation cost

Including transportation mode, transportation distance, transportation means and other factors, generally according to the weight, volume or quantity to calculate the cost.

Packing costs

Including the cost of packing materials such as boxes, fillers, sealing tapes, etc.

Handling charges

Including customs declaration, insurance, warehousing, customs clearance and other handling charges.

Other costs

Such as fuel surcharge, tariff, etc.

How to calculate the shipping cost to Amazon FTW1 warehouse?

The cost of shipping to Amazon FTW1 warehouse depends on the seller’s specific situation, and the following information is generally required:

Shipping address

Including information such as ***, city and zip code.

Cargo information

Including cargo type, weight, volume, quantity and other information.

Mode of transportation

Including sea, air, land, etc.

Shipping time

Including estimated shipping time, estimated arrival time and other information.


Amazon FTW1 Warehouse


How to reduce shipping cost from China to Amazon FTW1 warehouse?

Choose the right mode of transportation

according to the type of goods, weight, volume and other factors, choose the right mode of transportation, such as sea freight, air freight, land freight and so on.

Reasonable Packaging

Adopt reasonable packaging methods to reduce the use of packaging materials and reduce packaging costs.

Advance planning

plan the delivery time in advance, avoid delivery during the peak period of logistics, and reduce the transportation cost.

Reasonable choice of warehouses

choose warehouses that are close to the shipping address, with low transportation cost and high service quality, which can reduce the headway cost.


Amazon FBA shipment


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