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When you ship your goods by sea freight from China to USA ,They need to be sent to customs for inspection. If the shipper is required to pay the US import clearance fee, the US customs clearance Board requires the Chinese exporter to sign a Power of Attorney (POA) before shipment, similar to the Power of Attorney used for customs clearance in China. Next, let’s take a look at how long it generally takes to clear the CUSTOMS of the United States, the customs clearance process, and materials.How does customs clearance to do from China to America?

DDP customs clearance

Clear the customs in the name of the USA consignee

In other words, THE American consignee shall provide POA to the American agent of the forwarder, and the Bond of the American consignee is also needed.

Shipping logistics

Clear the customs in the name of the consignor

That is, the shipping provides POA to the freight forwarder at the port of departure, and the freight forwarder transfers it to the agent at the port of destination. The American agent helps the shipper handle the importer’s customs registration number in the United States, and the shipper needs to purchase a Bond.

It should be noted that no matter what kind of customs clearance method, the tax number, and Bond of the American consignee should be provided. (Tax ID, also called IRS No.) to clear customs. IRS No. (The Internal Revenue Service No.) is a tax identification number registered with The Internal Revenue Service of The United States.

Customs clearance process

Customs declaration

Upon receipt of the notice of arrival, the customs broker may apply to the customs for clearance within 5 days after the preparation of arrival at the port or inland point, provided that the documents required by the customs are prepared. Customs clearance by sea is usually notified within 48 hours, and by air within 24 hours. The customs have decided to inspect some cargo ships before they have arrived at the port. Pre-clear can be made at most inland locations before ARRIVAL of goods, but results will only be shown after ARRIVAL IT.

There are two ways to declare to customs, one is the electronic declaration, and the other is the customs need to review written documents. Either way, we must prepare the documents and other data information we need.

Prepare customs declaration documents

  1. Bill of lading (B/L);
  2. Commercial Invoice;
  3. Packing List
  4. Arrival Notice
  5. Fumigation Certificate or Non-Wood Packing Statement is required if Wood Packing is available.

The name of the consignee on the BILL of lading should be consistent with that on the latter three documents. If they are inconsistent, the consignee on the bill of lading must write a Letter of Transfer so that the third party can clear the customs. S/&C/ name, address, and telephone number are also required on the packing list. Some DOMESTICS/ documents lack such information, which will be required to supplement.

Xiongda International Logistics


Cut I.T.– Immediate Transit is required for inland clearance. Date Issued, Place of origin, and end Issued is required. Inland customs will use I.T to control and release.

Put the goods

(1) In the former ABI system, the shipping company wharf is directly connected with the customs, which means that if the customs are released in ABI, both the shipping company and the wharf can see it.

After the trial of AMS, large shipping companies such as Eva, APL, Maersk, COSCO, and CSCL also connected to AMS, but the dock did not, so the customs released AMS in AMS. These shipping companies and NVOCC AMS FILER could see AMS at the same time, and the shipping company helped the dock system update at the same time. Relatively small shipping companies, such as Sinotrans, LYKES, and GWS, have not connected AMS, so they can only release through NVOCC AMS FILER fax NVOCC guarantee letter and copy of CUSTOMS FORM 3461. After receiving the fax, these shipping companies will manually update the terminal system.


(2) Wharf/shipping company release cargo wharf and shipping company are connected, if freight prepaid, bill of lading is telex release, as long as the customs release, the wharf will automatically release the cargo to the truck company. American customers do not need to change orders, so American agents have no way to help withhold goods, which is completely different from China. Therefore, the loading port has not received the customer’s freight and does not do the shipping company large bill of lading telex release or prepaid freight.

(3) goods to inland cargo, customs clearance after the shipping company will give A PICKUP #, proxy to get the PICKUP # to inform C/after delivery truck company with this number, this number to wait: A, the goods arrived in yard and tank from the train and after B, customs clearance, C, the shipping company release, can we get it, the lack of anyone can’t get. Therefore, it takes a long time to track the inland goods until C/ receives the PICKUP.

Customs clearance time

How long does it take to clear customs for international express from China to America?

Generally, it will take 1-2 working days for normal customs clearance of general goods. Not particularly difficult, also won’t spend too much time on customs clearance, in fact, in the United States generally and body products will be hard to make contact clearance, FDA certification materials needed, if the product is general cargo quickly, the male of international logistics about 1 working day to clear us can be solved, we in the United States has its branch partners, So international express customs clearance is still very fast in the United States.

The customs clearance of International express from China to the United States will be based on whether Shanghai is still an air Courier. The time limit of American Shanghai and American air Courier will be different, so the customs clearance of international express companies will not take a long time. Then we will make a detailed comparison between The American Shanghai and air Courier.

matson maritime transport xiongda

Sea transport versus air transport

Air transportation is about 5~7 days fast, slow time is 10~20 days or so, and its price is much more expensive than sea transportation. The cost performance of sea transportation, but the time of sea transportation fast ship is 2 weeks slower than air transportation, and the slow ship is longer;

In terms of price, the price of ocean fast ship is equivalent to 30% of the air freight price, while the price of slow ship is about 10%~20% of the air freight price. The 21 kg transport of air transport is more cost-effective, and shipping express is generally 100 kg transport is more cost-effective, if your goods are less than 100 kg, also can be calculated by 100 kg, the product of shipping slow ship is 1 cubic transport is more cost-effective.

According to different channels, the customs will be different, and time is also different, so international express customs clearance to the United States is usually 1-2 working days can be solved, it will and cooperation of the international logistics company in the local strength after all customs clearance will have customs clearance ability, will be faster, in addition to power is whether products conform to the requirements of the customs clearance, This is very important oh, at present some dangerous goods transport xiongda international logistics will not accept transport.

The above content of “how long does it generally take for US customs clearance, customs clearance process and materials” has been introduced to you in detail. I hope I can help you!

Customs Clearance Process | Ultimate Guide-Xiongda

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