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Amazon A10 algorithm is the latest version of Amazon’s search and ranking algorithm, designed and operated by Amazon itself. Putting more weight on several ranking factors makes it more sophisticated in matching customer searches with relevant products.

In other words: the Amazon A10 algorithm is all about prioritizing the display of the one product that the current buyer is most likely to order, rather than the one that the seller is trying so hard to promote.

Differences between Amazon A10 algorithm and A9 algorithm

Amazon A9 Algorithm – A Quick Review

Let’s quickly review Amazon SEO, if you sell on Amazon then product ranking is an important part of your business strategy.
This is because the higher you rank in the search results, the higher your sales will be. Amazon SEO works similarly to the Google search engine algorithm.

Difference between Amazon A10 algorithm and A9 algorithm
Relevance to Amazon Advertising


Amazon A10 algorithm


Click-through rate CTR

In the Amazon A10 algorithm, the click-through rate CTR becomes an important indicator of whether a seller is favored by buyers or not, which replaces the sole reliance on the absolute number of ad orders as an influencing factor in A9.

Conversion Rate CVR

Conversion rate CVR is the proportion of orders to clicks, which reflects the purchase rate of users after browsing the product page and the quality of the product link. there is a stronger consideration of this in Amazon A10.

Sales History

In Amazon A10 algorithm, the consideration of all the seller’s sales history (natural and advertised sales) has been added as a weighting for search engine ranking products.

Natural Sales

Natural sales rankings have more influence in Amazon A10, which also means that users have a lot of influence when purchasing through natural search results.

Seller Reputation

Seller reputation is also a factor in the A10, including BuyBox win rate, seller feedback ratings, time on shelf, and quality of return processing.

Affiliate Sales

A10 takes into account the number of sales generated by frequently bought together to influence a seller’s search engine ranking.

Offsite Sales

A10 has added a new off-site sales factor, which can effectively drive external traffic to a seller’s product links to help them improve their keyword rankings.

The A10 algorithm improves the user experience and achieves sales growth, while bringing more sellers, enriching the product range, and also reducing costs with scale, which leads to a better user experience

If you don’t want to just read these text interpretations, you can click on the video below to help you understand more quickly about the Amazon A10 algorithm:


How to Get Higher Ranking in Amazon A10 Algorithm?

To improve rankings, you first need to optimize compelling product listings for your target audience. Choose great photography and use lifestyle images to explain the product’s purpose or function.

Discounts and promotions have become a difficult part of improving rankings. Amazon has started removing such listings that offer tons of discounts and promotions.

“Off-site traffic” has become more prominent in improving product rankings and reviews. Hire an eCommerce PR firm to help you gain more external visibility.”

Provide as much information as possible in your listings. Use all available fields in the “Keywords and Description” section.

Reviews are more important than ever. User-generated traffic is significant outside of Amazon (Google search).

Organic Google rankings are critical. Build quality traffic and utilize sites with high domain weight.

Get micro-influencers or popular bloggers to review your products. Link them back to your Amazon products.

Share your ideas and stay active on seller forums. Staying on top of trends, constantly learning and working smart is the key to growing your business.


Amazon A10 algorithm


The main factors that influence the A10 algorithm

  • Sales performance ranking
  • Geographic location ranking
  • Click-through rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Price
  • Star Rating
  • Offsite Traffic
  • Inventory
  • Seller Weight
  • Product Detail Page
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