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Amazon A9 Algorithm is the name of Amazon’s search engine. The division that builds, maintains and improves search engines and search engines is called the A9 division. According to Wiki officially, they are a company that provides “search engine and search advertising technology”. It is called A9 as a play on the word “algorithm” because the letter A is followed by nine letters.

Basic overview of the Amazon A9 Algorithm

The definition of Amazon A9 Algorithm can be explained in three ways:

1. A9 is the name of Amazon’s search algorithm.

2. A9 is a guide for ranking Amazon products.

3. The primary indicator: maximizing buyer revenue.


Amazon A9 Algorithm


What is the operation mode of Amazon A9 Algorithm?

A9 model

1. Amazon’s top goal is to maximize buyer revenue.

2. Amazon tracks all the actions made by each consumer up to the page where the mouse rests.

3. The Amazon A9 Algorithm works by directing the data generated by step 2 to the goal of 1 to achieve out.

What is the role of Amazon A9 Algorithm?

Improve category ranking

The main influence element of category ranking is product sales. Amazon will weigh the performance of the product based on the sales status of the product for a day, and if the product sales are good, the ranking will naturally rise, and vice versa, the product ranking will decrease.

Improve product ranking

To improve product rankings, the first place to start is with keywords, which are the main way for consumers to buy products. You can try to use the core keywords of the product in the title, and try to use detailed long-tail words to describe in the description.

Improve the conversion rate of the product

If the conversion rate of the product is improved, the corresponding product ranking will be higher, increasing the possibility of consumers to buy the product.


Amazon A9 Algorithm


Increase Review Stars

The higher the number of Review stars, the more likely it is to be on the first page of search results.

Commonly used review acquisition methods are Amazon review emails, Coolbird intelligent review, sending after-sales emails to customers to improve the quality of service, while the template invites customers to leave a review, thus improving the number of product reviews.

Factors affecting the Amazon A9 Algorithm

Amazon A9 Algorithm needs to consider a number of factors, and in the end, what specific factors affect the ranking, Amazon official did not announce to the outside. But many sellers in the long-term operation of Amazon process, summed up induction of some of the main considerations of the direction.

Sales product cumulative sales volume

A listing a month sales 10,000 and a listing a month sales 1000, the weight has a big difference. When a product has more sales and recent sales are rising, then for the category ranking, that is very favorable.

Conversion Rate Conversion Rate (CR)

It is actually a process by which a customer goes from clicking on your product to actually placing a purchase order. With a high conversion rate, Amazon will give you more traffic. Calculation formula: Order Conversion Rate = Number of orders / Number of buyer visits * 100%. The higher the conversion rate, the better the sales and the better for ranking.

Product Images

Shopping online is almost equivalent to shopping by looking at pictures, and the main product image is crucial in the operation. Amazon’s policy requirements on image size and quality are getting stricter and stricter, and sellers want your images to be recognized by Amazon to get more exposure and traffic, and on the basis of meeting the platform’s standards, it would be great to let the images speak for themselves.

Amazon A9 Algorithm

Performance indicators performance

Amazon has set various performance indicators for seller accounts, including order defect rate (ODR) <1%, pre-delivery cancellation rate <2.5%, late delivery rate <4%, effective tracking rate >95%, etc., the code of conduct set by third-party sellers. Amazon uses them to distinguish between good and bad sellers, and they motivate sellers to do better.

Star Rating (Feedback, Review)

Product Reviews is a very important weighting element of Listing, high and more star rating is a Listing sales magic weapon. Sellers must take it seriously in their operation and leave a good shopping experience to customers.

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