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How to do Amazon product research before importing from China? We can start from the following five dimensions.

Heliun 10 is an Amazon product research tool that is recommended to use it.

Doing Amazon product research

Understand product categorization

Understanding the product categorization, that is, understanding the product parameters, performance, and finding the target products in Amazon’s categories. In other words, identify the specific category market.

While analyzing the Amazon product research, you need to list the parameters of the selected product in detail:advantages and disadvantages,differentiation and user base and specific category ownership in Amazon and then market analysis is done based on the specifics of the category market.


Amazon product research

Amazon product research


Analyzing the current state of the market

Before entering a marketplace, it is definitely important to get a general idea about the marketplace. In fact, it means understanding the broad categories. So here we can use over two aspects to do specific understanding and judgment.

Through the selection plugin, to understand the volume of keywords.

Here we use the seller wizard, at present is also the use of a more plug-in. Here we take bluetooth audio as an example:
When we enter bluetoothspeaker in the search box, we can see the specifics of all products involving this keyword. In fact, the data that comes out at this time is close to the entire market volume of data.

There are several key data that we need to record:

  1. the total sales: to understand the total sales of the market
  2. total sales: to understand the sales of the market, to understand how high our ceiling is
  3. the average price: to understand the entire market is probably what grade of things, when your price is too high or too low to consider whether the market can be accepted
  4.  the average shelf time: to understand the existence of this market time as well as the existence of the opponent’s time, which also represents the difficulty of cutting.

Eliminate Amazon packaging

Amazon product research


Basically, these points can assist us to have a clearer view of the big market and understanding. At the same time, we can refine the keywords, the use of long-tail words to see the market situation of long-tail words, and ultimately find the most appropriate keywords and markets to cut, that is, it will not be too burned out, but also not too decadent.

Analyze competitors

When analyzing competing products, the first thing to know is whether the current market monopoly exists, it is generally not recommended to enter the monopoly market.

User analysis

In the user demand analysis, sellers need to know two core contents, one is the user portrait, that is, what kind of consumer groups. The second is user demand, that is, consumer demand for products.

The most intuitive way to analyze user demand is to analyze the review through the competitive product review, not only is Amazon in the use of the A9 algorithm applies to one of the most important parameters in the evaluation of the seller’s listing, it can be more intuitive to feel the consumer’s preferences.


Amazon product research

Amazon product research


Profit analysis

In New Asin in the market analysis report of the price range distribution chart, we can analyze the distribution of single product prices in the market, and the sales ratio can be seen to see which price consumers accept the highest degree of product, and thus pricing, deducting the cost of the product . Shipping and warehousing costs can be approximated to calculate the gross profit of the product.

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