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DDP shipping from China to USA exists to make the importing process easy for buyers.

DDP full name: Delivered Duty Paid,which means that the seller has completed the import customs clearance procedures at the designated destination, and will deliver the goods that have not been unloaded on the delivery vehicle to the designated destination. with the buyer, complete the delivery.

The seller must bear all risks and costs of transporting the goods to the designated destination, including any “taxes” payable at the destination when customs formalities are required (including the responsibility and risk of customs formalities, and payment of handling charges, duties, taxes and other charges).


DDP shipping from China to USA


Rates of DDP shipping from China to USA

After the buyer purchases from the seller, the seller shall bear all subsequent expenses. In DDP shipping from China to USA, the seller’s liability is double that of the importer.
All payments from the buyer’s purchase are performed by the seller. These fees include:


After the sale, the seller is responsible for packaging the sold goods. DDP shipping from China to USA, and sellers can do it themselves or hire an assembly agent. Either way, packaging costs are settled by the seller.

Hire logistics

It is the responsibility of the exporter of DDP shipments from China to book a freight forwarding company and make all payments. The cost of any loss or damage to the goods in transit will be borne by the seller.

Xiongda International Logistics is a trusted forwarder agent in China in the shipping industry. You can trust our items are DDP shipping from China to USA.

Customs responsibility

All customs clearance costs for both ports (port of origin and port of destination) are borne by the seller. The seller arranges export customs clearance, import customs clearance, pays all necessary documents, inspects fees, provides proof of delivery, and informs the buyer that the goods have arrived at the desired location.


DDP shipping from China to USA


Method of DDP shipping from China to USA

You can use DDP shipping from China to USA in two ways. All shipping costs here, including customs clearance, documentation, inspection, are borne by the Chinese exporter.
The cost depends on the type of cargo, shipping method, dimensional weight of the package, distance from one port to another, etc.

DDP Sea Shipping

You can ship your goods by DDP ocean freight from China to USA.You can transport 20ft or 40ft containers by yourself in FCL or FCL shipping. Bulk shipping can be done in FCL.

FCL shipping saves time and money, and can ship in bulk.

LCL shipping ships your cargo in smaller quantities when the entire container is not full. In this case, your package will be shipped with other shipments from different importers.LCL DDP shipments from China to the US need to be consolidated at the port of origin and not at the port of destination. Therefore, LCL shipping takes more time than FCL.


What is MOQ


DDP Air Freight

DDP air freight from China to USA is faster and more direct. However, air freight is more expensive than ocean freight. While it looks more expensive to the naked eye, the cost depends largely on the size, type and weight of your shipment.

DDP air freight reduces the risk of damage to your cargo when shipping from China to the US.

How to reduce DDP shipping from China to USA risk?

To reduce risks, exporters can start from several aspects:

Buy shipping insurance

The role of transportation insurance is to allocate risks and reduce unknown risks to avoid losses.

Reduce intermediate trade links

In international trade, the fewer intermediate trade links, not only can reduce the cost of exporters, but also improve the efficiency of delivery. In this regard, we recommends that the seller choose a strong freight forwarder for cooperation, and entrust the freight forwarder with full authority for shipping and customs clearance.

Because DDP shipping from China to USA involves a lot of costs, if you entrust an inexperienced forwarder, there will be errors or omissions, which will cause losses.


In addition, when the exporter makes an inquiry to the freight forwarder, it is recommended to explain the situation of the goods clearly, especially the name of the goods, which must be detailed and in Chinese and English, including materials, uses, models, etc.; the customs code of the goods, generally the first six the digit is enough, because the last four digits are basically different from each country’s HS CODE; as well as the detailed address and postal code of the destination.

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