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Ocean FCL shipments service is a method of transportation of large quantities of goods where only the customer’s own goods are arranged to be transported in a container.

Unlike LCL service, FCL service is where the customer’s own goods take up space in the container and do not need to be shared with other importers or exporters. In this method of transportation, all goods are listed on one bill of lading.


FCL shipments


Why choose FCL shipments service?

When you send more than 10 standard pallets or commodities with a volume greater than 14 cubic meters, the freight rates for commodities exceeding this quantity may be lower via FCL than for LCL.

Advantage: Full container shipping optimizes costs.

When you need to ensure the safety of your goods: when you ship with a full crate service, the goods do not come into contact with other shippers and the risk of damage is lower. -When you need to ensure the safety of your goods.

Advantage: Protect your cargo with FCL service shipments.

When your shipment is urgent: FCL services have shorter transit times because they do not pass through as many hubs as LCL services.

Advantage: Full Container shipments for fast tracking of your delivery.

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If you don’t want to just read these text interpretations, you can click on the video below to help you understand more quickly about FCL shipments:

FCL shipments rates and quotes

1、Enabling the port of the various RMB miscellaneous fees, such as customs fees, documentation fees thc, terminal fees, booking fees, etc., usually more than a thousand small cabinets, high cabinets in the 2,000 or so RMB.

2、Enable port to the U.S. port of the sea freight charges, at present to the U.S. West base port, such as LA small cabinets, about 1,000 U.S. dollars, about 1,400 U.S. dollars in high cabinets, the U.S. East base port, such as New York: small cabinets of USD 1500, high cabinets of USD 1800 or so; (Note).

(Please note that, according to the off-peak season, the price will vary a lot, it is recommended to verify the accurate price 1-2 weeks before shipment).

3、Customs clearance fee: usually 100-125USD/ticket.


5、Borrow the head of American trading company, (if needed). Fixed charge according to the ticket.

6、SINGLE BOND: According to the value of goods. About tens of dollars.

In this article there is a more detailed explanation of FCL shipments rates:

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ocean bill of lading

How to book FCL shipments online?

Find a Freight forwarding for FCL shipments

How to find a suitable forwarder? Generally speaking, there are several ways:

Find a freight forwarder through network search, freight forwarding industry associations, circle of friends recommended.

Search you can search through the network search engine, such as searching for “shipping exports to the United States freight forwarding”, you can find a lot of freight forwarding company’s website or platform.

No matter what way you find the freight forwarder, you have to according to their own needs and budget, compare the different freight forwarding company’s service content, charges, reputation evaluation, etc., choose a suitable freight forwarding company.

At the same time, “How to find a patient and reliable U.S. logistics forwarder?” This article has time to take a look, you can help you find a freight forwarder.


How to book a container? Generally speaking, there are several steps:

  1. Determine the weight, volume, quantity, product name and other information of the goods.
  2. Select the type of container, quantity, size and other information.
  3. Confirm the container booking contract and fees.

These three container booking booking links, are communicated with the freight forwarder to confirm, not familiar with the freight forwarder can let the freight forwarder in to give you a careful introduction.

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