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As an important part of international trade, the customs clearance procedure directly affects the efficiency of import and export of goods. In this article, we will introduce the customs clearance process and steps to help you better understand this key business link.

Customs clearance procedure overview

Customs clearance procedure includes the following links: declaration, inspection, release. Specific steps are as follows:


  1. Prepare the relevant documents: prepare customs declaration authorization, invoices, packing lists, contracts and other necessary documents.
  2. Fill in the customs declaration form: Fill in the customs declaration form according to the actual situation to ensure the accuracy of the information.
  3. Submitting declaration: submit the customs declaration and related documents to the customs.


Customs clearance procedure

Customs clearance procedure


US customs


  1. Cooperate with inspection: Cooperate with the customs inspectors to inspect the goods according to the requirements of the customs.
  2. Payment of fees: according to the inspection, pay the corresponding inspection fees.


  1. Receive the notice of release: receive the notice of release from the Customs after the completion of inspection.
  2. Completion of customs clearance: according to the release notice, complete the customs clearance of goods.

Customs clearance procedure case study

Let us through an actual case to better understand the customs clearance process and steps.

A company imported a batch of machinery and equipment, the first need to declare to the Customs. In the declaration process, the company needs to prepare all the relevant documents, and accurately fill out the customs declaration. After submitting the declaration, cooperate with the customs inspection personnel to inspect the goods, and pay the appropriate fees. After the inspection is completed, the company will receive the notice of release and complete the customs clearance procedures of the goods.


Customs clearance procedure

Customs clearance procedure


In this case, we need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Know in advance the relevant provisions of the Customs and Excise Department for the import of machinery and equipment, in order to ensure the accuracy of the declaration.
  2. Prepare all relevant documents to avoid any omission.
  3. Cooperate with the work of customs inspection personnel to ensure that the goods pass the inspection link smoothly.

Customs clearance procedure skills to share

In the customs clearance process, the following tips to help improve efficiency and avoid problems:

1. Understand the relevant policies and regulations in advance: Customs regulations for the import and export of different commodities will be different, so before declaring to fully understand the relevant policies and regulations, to avoid failure to declare.

2. Carefully check the information on documents: The information on the customs declaration and other relevant documents must be accurate to avoid any delay or penalty due to inconsistency of information.


Sea Freight Packing Requirements

Customs clearance procedure


3. Reasonable arrangement of logistics time: Make sure the goods arrive at the customs within the specified time to avoid additional storage and demurrage costs.

4. Maintain smooth communication: Keep good communication with customs staff to keep abreast of the progress so that problems can be solved in time.

5. Timely payment of fees: according to the inspection situation, timely payment of the appropriate fees to ensure that the goods can be released in a timely manner.

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