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Amazon FBA shipping agent is responsible for assisting you in the process of shipping your products from China to the Amazon FBA warehouse in the United States.s. There are several forms of transportation:

By sea

This method of shipping is usually slow, but the most affordable.

If you ship by sea, you will need to be familiar with two packaging methods: FCL and LCL.

FCL or “full container load” refers to a shipping container that contains all products from the same party. If you are shipping an FCL shipment, your product will occupy a full container.
Since the FCL containers are all unloaded in one go (and from the same party), the process at the port of destination is faster and potentially less expensive.
Ideal for bulky items and bulk cargo.


Amazon FBA shipping agent


LCL or “Less than Container Load” refers to a shipping container that is split between multiple sellers. If you are concerned about storage space in your own warehouse, or simply want to keep your inventory lean for financial reasons.

LCL shipping allows you to ship smaller volumes – you’re effectively sharing container space. LCL shipments also have their own benefits:
Best for steady inventory flow and leaner quantities

LCL gives you more leeway/free time at the port, making delivery appointments easier. This may end up saving you some money.
Best for “split shipments” – shipping products to multiple different Amazon warehouses.

Air transport

Air freight from China to USA is usually the most expensive of the three, but also the fastest. FBA sellers interested in expedited shipping or shipping small quantities of products may be interested in air freight.

If you want to know more details about air freight cost, you can click on this article:

China To USA Air Freight Cost Calculator


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Who is the best Amazon FBA shipping agent?

Here are some tips for choosing the best freight forwarder:

Freight forwarding company qualification

Qualification is the basis of all cooperation. There are many freight forwarding companies now, but the quality is also uneven. It is recommended that you check whether the qualifications of the Amazon FBA shipping agent companies meet the standards. Any industry needs time to accumulate experience, so it is definitely a plus for a company to have a long operating time.

Service items and transportation strength

This is also an important cornerstone of a Amazon FBA shipping agent. Most FBA freight forwarders now provide one-stop services such as door-to-door collection, customs clearance, and delivery, which can meet the basic logistics needs of customers. So look at the time limit, which is mainly related to whether your goods can enter the FBA warehouse on time.


In fact, the charges in the entire logistics market are not much different, but the charges of Amazon FBA shipping agent are different. We must combine the above standards to choose a company with high cost performance. What is certain is that cheap and fast shipping is mostly a scam.

Service attitude and professionalism

From these two aspects, we can see whether the Amazon FBA shipping agent attitude and communication are good, and whether it can provide a reasonable solution when encountering problems, etc. These are also very important.


Amazon FBA shipping agent


In short, a reliable and advantageous freight forwarding company is very important for Amazon sellers, especially during the peak season, if the goods cannot be transported to the warehouse in time, it will greatly affect the sales of their products.

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