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What Dose LCL shipping mean?

LCL CARGO=LESS THAN CONTAINER LOAD, LCL cargo especially refers to the small ticket cargo which is less than one full container (20’/40/45).

Usually by the bulk cargo consolidation contractor (consolidator) respectively solicited and in the container freight station or inland station, and then two or more tickets of goods assembled in a container, the same to the destination of the container freight station or inland station dismantling of separate deliveries.

For such goods, the carrier has to bear the burden of loading and unloading operations, loading and unloading costs are still charged to the cargo side. The carrier’s responsibility for consolidated cargo, basically the same as traditional grocery shipping.

To go to the same destination of the goods, concentrated to a certain amount of consolidation into the box. As a box also has different owners of goods assembled in a piece, so called consolidation. This situation in the owner of the consignment quantity is not enough to fill the whole box when used.

Consolidated cargo classification, sorting, concentration, loading (unloading), delivery and other work in the carrier terminal container freight station or inland container transfer station.LCL shipping mean


LCL shipping mean

LCL shipping mean


How much is the port of destination fee for LCL shipping?

Confirm the cost with freight forwarder in advance. Verify with the customer. If the customer does not pay the destination port charges. You can choose to repay in advance. The total cost of port of shipment and port of destination is the transportation cost of LCL. You can choose multiple payment options.

Pay more here, pay less there. Pay less here and even get a refund. Pay over there. The total amount is the same.

If you want to know more about LCL shipping mean,this article will help you something:

Sea Freight From China To USA | LCL、FCL Shipping

LCL shipping term

1.doc is replacement cost. Usually, the cost of /bl destination port LCL.

2. bond is a deposit. There are two types:annual bond and single bond. It needs to be purchased only once a year and is suitable for importers who import goods frequently in a year.

2) singlebond, also known as single bond, i.e., single bond or isfbond, abbreviated as singletransaction(stb). In the system, it is generally the value of the commodity.0, 45% of /b

3.HMF = Harbor Maintenance Fee is a port maintenance fee:generally 0% of the value of the goods.

4. mpf = merchandiseprocessingfee is the cargo handling fee: generally 0. % of the value of the goods. The whole container in the destination port of the minimum / bill of lading, maximum / bill of lading freight.


LCL shipping mean

LCL shipping mean


5. psc = portsecuritychargeis port security charge:usually/bl

6. ctf = cleanruckfee that is cleaning fee: usually $9 / rt freight tons

7. dad=destinationarrivedeclare is the customs declaration fee: usually/bl.

8.buc=bunkercharge is the oil fee: usually 0,5/RT.

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LCL shipping mean

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