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Amazon FBA box label types

Commodity label

Also called FNSKU, is a label beginning with XOO, shall cover the original bar code of the goods. Commodity labeling is the Amazon FBA identification of the product, into the warehouse on the shelves of the logo.

Shipment label

Refers to the label posted on the outer box of the package, labeled with a shipment ID: FBAXXXXXX, a shipment number may have more than one box, will be reflected in the shipment number U001, U002. Amazon warehouse is the receipt of goods to confirm the goods of the outer box identification.

Pallet label

Refers to a pallet on all four sides of the pallet label to be posted as follows, a total of 4 pallet labels, and the above shipment labels are similar. It is worth mentioning that Pallet labeling is only used in the shipping process.

If you want to know more about it, click on Amazon Seller Center.


Amazon FBA box label

Amazon FBA box label


How to affix Amazon FBA box label when shipping?

Amazon FBA shipping, need to paste two labels – product label and outer box label, product label is affixed to the product packaging, this label can be a UPC code label, or Amazon system-generated product labels, each wholesale shipment, according to the actual number of boxes packaged, to generate out the corresponding outer box label.

The product label is affixed to the product packaging (if it is bag packaging, it is affixed to the bag), a can, in order to avoid wear and tear during transportation, the outer box labeling recommendations can be different sides of the outer box, more than two can not hurt.

Amazon FBA box label case:

Q:A large box with four small boxes (respectively loaded with four kinds of products), is the four small boxes of labels were affixed to the four small boxes or the four labels are all affixed to the big box?

There are two kinds of labels, one is the product label, which is affixed to the outside of each product; there is also an outer box label, which is affixed to the outermost box, and can be scanned by Amazon without opening the box.

Are there only four products and four SKUs in the four small boxes, if so, then stick the SKU barcode and the FBA barcode on the outer box.


Amazon FBA box label

Amazon FBA box label


Q:How to stick the FBA overweight label? Should it be affixed on the outer box of the product or on top of the individual product package?

First of all, it depends on which FBA station’s products. We know that the European station and the U.S. station processing method is different: the U.S. station if a single product over the need to paste; European station is posted on the outer box.

Specific circumstances are as follows:

U.S. station: in a package, if it contains more than one piece of goods, can not exceed 50 pounds; if a single piece of goods more than 50 pounds is required to be distributed separately, and need to indicate that at the top and on the side of the Team lift.

European station: delayed cardboard weight can not be more than 15KG, if more than 15KG on the need to print the” Heavy Package”(Heavy Package). Heavy Package” (overweight label) affixed to the outer box. For Germany, we suggest to ask customer service for a template.


Amazon FBA box label

Amazon FBA box label


Q:Can I send the goods to Amazon warehouse without printing the origin on the Amazon FBA box label? If it must be there, can it be changed after the shipment creation is completed?

The place of origin will appear on the label, which is automatically generated by the Amazon system. This is automatically generated by the Amazon system. If the shipment has been created and the label has been generated, it can’t be changed.

Q:I have re-established many FBA programs for the same sku, but the product label is the same?

The product label won’t change, you can continue to use it again if you don’t use it up this time. You can compare the FNSKU code on the barcode, it is unchanged.

Selling on Amazon and finding a reliable Amazon FBA freight forwarder is a big step towards success.

Amazon FBA box label

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