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Amazon SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is the basic unit for measuring the stock in and out of an Amazon item, which can be in pieces, boxes, pallets, etc., and consists of numbers or letters, or a mix and match of both.

What should be included in the Amazon SKU

  • Product name: the overall title of the product, such as “pants”, “toothpaste” or “phone case”.
  • Product Category: The general category to which the product belongs. For example, clothing/apparel may include items such as shirts, socks and gloves.
  • Product Condition: The physical condition of the product, such as whether it’s new, used, or out of the box.
  • Product supplier: The retailer or company from which you obtained the item.
  • Product Characteristics: Size, color, material, and other distinguishing characteristics of the item.
  • Seasonality: The attractiveness of a product at a particular time of year, such as summer, winter, holidays, etc.
  • Cost: The price you pay when you purchase the item.
  • Sequence or lot: the order in which products are added to inventory is called a lot number or sequence.

Do you know what FNSKU is? This article gives you some insight into it:

What Is Amazon FNSKU | The Most Complete Guide


Amazon SKU

If you want to know more about it, click on Amazon Seller Center.

How Amazon SKUs are written

SKUs make it easy for e-commerce brands to identify items.
There are multiple SKUs when a product has multiple attributes such as different colors and sizes.

For example, if a dress comes in 3 colors, black, white, and grey, and each color comes in different sizes, S, M, L, and XL, then there are 12 SKUs for this dress.
SKU1: black, s
SKU2: black, m
SKU3: black, l
SKU4: black, xl


Amazon SKU


Amazon SKU Role

  • Manage Inventory: SKUs allow merchants to quickly see how much and where inventory is in stock and which products need to be restocked by scanning barcodes or QR codes.
  • Analyzing Sales: SKUs allow merchants to collect scan data to see which products are selling well and which are selling poorly, as well as information on price, time, and location of sales.
  • Promote Purchase: SKUs allow merchants to recommend similar or related products to customers based on the characteristics of the product, increasing customer purchase intent and satisfaction.
  • Provide service: SKU allows merchants to provide customers with better services, such as returns, exchanges, repairs, etc., based on the information of the product.

Rules for writing Amazon SKUs

Regarding the rules of writing SKU, Amazon does not have strict requirements, sellers can fill in the SKU column by sellers themselves when they publish their products.

If you don’t fill it in, Amazon will automatically generate a SKU code assigned to you, which will make it hard to recognize.
So in order to facilitate the future management of the product, it is better for the seller to write the SKU according to their own management habits or product characteristics.


Amazon SKU


Amazon SKU Label Size
Amazon SKU label size must be less than 75mm x 75mm

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