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Understanding the Amazon FBA label requirements is one of the operations that sellers must carry out. Its function is to clearly and accurately communicate the products and orders to Amazon, and ensure that the products are stored, picked, packaged, shipped and other follow-up processes according to the seller’s requirements.

Amazon FBA label requirements

National standard

The national standard is generally a square with a side length of 4 cm. FBA products need to paste two national marks on the upper right corner of the narrow side of each box.


Amazon FBA label requirements

.Amazon FBA label requirements


Product SKU label

The SKU label of a product is the unique identification of a product, and Amazon recognizes the code but does not recognize the product. So be sure to check carefully to avoid wrong stickers. Once the wrong SKU code is pasted, it will be very expensive for Amazon to replace it for you.

FBA Label

The FBA Label label is the outer box identification for confirming the goods when the Amazon warehouse receives the goods. Stick it on the packaging of the product, because this is an identity certificate of the product, so the storage and delivery are all based on this.

Made in China label

Products exported from China must be labeled Made in China, and the outer box and each product must be labeled “MADE IN CHINA”, otherwise it will be detained and returned by the local customs.

Amazon FBA label requirements

Amazon FBA label requirements


Overweight label

Amazon stipulates that a single box of packages cannot exceed 30 kilograms. If a single box of packages exceeds 15 kilograms, a “Team Lift” label needs to be affixed.
Because of Amazon’s cargo operation regulations, packages over 15 kg require two operators to operate. The “Team Lift” label is attached to remind the operator that two people are required to operate.

How to make an Amazon FBA label?

  • There are many ways to make Amazon FBA labels, which can be printed by yourself or purchased in professional printing shops. Here are the steps to print your own labels:
  • Use the templates provided by Amazon to assist sellers in making labels accurately. The template can be downloaded in the “Higgling Terms and Conditions” in the Amazon Seller Central.
  • Put the template into the label editing software of the computer, and fill in the product and order information on the template.
  • Use label stock or gummed paper for printing. When choosing label paper, pay attention to its quality and stickiness, so as to ensure that the label can be firmly attached to the packaging of the product and is not easy to fall or be damaged.
  • Stick the printed label on the package of the product, and ensure that the barcode and related information on the label are consistent with the order information.


Amazon FBA label requirements

Amazon FBA label requirements


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