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What is Amazon FBA Private Label

For privately trademarked products manufactured by a third party manufacturer and sold under the seller’s own brand name in which the manufacturer does not have any interest in the trademark or brand, the seller gets to decide on the product design, brand logo, labeling, packaging, and all other creative elements, which are known as Private Label Products.

Why to choose Amazon FBA private label?

Greater Autonomy

Private labeling means that the brand belongs to the seller’s company. Unlike arbitrage or wholesale resale of other brands’ products, the private label model allows the seller to market, operate, and price their products in the right way. Sellers don’t need to seek brand licenses or find discounted products and then resell them at a higher price.


Amazon FBA Private Label

Amazon FBA Private Label


Higher Margins

Since the seller is sourcing the product directly from the manufacturer or supplier, the cost will be much lower than reselling products from other brands. If selling wholesale products, the seller will need to buy from the brand owner or a distributor of the marked down product and therefore have a smaller profit margin.

Selling private label products means that there is no middleman and the seller can buy stock items at the lowest possible cost.

Products can be customized

Sellers can look at buyer reviews of competing products and take note of the problems people are having with their purchases – these are great leads. Then, you can evaluate how to make your product better than the best-selling brands.

Using this selling method, sellers can figure out ways to improve their product and beat what’s already on the market. It’s not enough to place a logo on a product – sellers can work with vendors and graphic designers to make the product stand out. It’s hard for sellers to be competitive if the products they sell look the same as all the other products on Amazon.


Amazon FBA Private Label

Amazon FBA Private Label


Editing Listings is Easier

When a seller launches a private label product, the seller creates a brand new Listing, which means you can easily edit the images, pricing, Listing copy, and keywords whenever you need to.

If reselling an existing Amazon item, it can be difficult to edit or copy images because you’re not the direct seller of that product.

No need to compete for Buy Box (golden shopping cart)

If you resell products from other brands on Amazon, you may be competing with other sellers for the Buy Box, and if the buyer is not in the Buy Box at the time of purchase, the sales will not go to you.

If using a private label brand, you will be the only seller in the Listing and will own 100% of the Buy Box.


Amazon FBA Private Label

Amazon FBA Private Label

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Amazon FBA Private Label


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