What Is Amazon FNSKU | The Most Complete Guide

Amazon FNSKU stands for “Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit”. Every product sold on Amazon is assigned a unique FNSKU, which is an important tool used by Amazon to track and manage sellers’ inventory.

New Amazon sellers should have heard many of these acronyms: FBA, FBM, SKU, Amazon ASIN, Amazon FNSKU, and they can be confusing for you. One of them is FNSKU which confuses many sellers, what is it? Do you need FNSKU? How to get FNSKU?

With the FNSKU, Amazon can identify and differentiate the same products from different sellers and ensure accurate delivery of orders.

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Amazon FNSKU


2 types of Amazon FNSKU

We currently have two types of Amazon FNSKU:
Manufacturer BarCODe and Amazon Barcode.It can also be simply said that FNSKU is divided into B0 beginning, can be X0 beginning.

1, Manufacturer Barcode

It is the product comes with the barcode, the original manufacturing + merchant UPC or something, Amazon Barcode is Amazon to help you generate FNSKU product labels, this is not the same as the labeling service in the FBA settings. If you choose the manufacturer’s barcode, then you do not need to paste FNSKU, only paste UPC or EAN on the line.

2, Amazon Barcode

Amazon labeling code. According to the feedback of sellers: when the first letter of FNSKU is X00 at the beginning for: sellers to play labeling self-labeling, when the first letter of FNSKU is B00 at the beginning of the seller does not have to play labeling, can be shipped directly to Amazon.

Adjusted to the seller’s self-labeling procedures: Amazon Logistics + Settings – Amazon Logistics commodity bar code preferences – the manufacturer bar code select “disabled”, the previously uploaded B00 products can be re-sold when there is a X00 beginning of the FNSKU and then the operation of the FBA shipment procedures. You can print the label.

If you don’t want to just read these text interpretations, you can click on the video below to help you understand more quickly about Amazon FNSKU:


Difference between ASIN and FNSKU

There are many differences between ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and FNSKU. Every product on Amazon has a unique ASIN that identifies the product.

How to view Amazon FNSKU?

Sellers can easily view the FNSKU of a product in Amazon Seller Center.Here are the steps to view FNSKU:

Login to Seller Center: open the official website of Amazon Seller Center and login with your seller account and password.

Enter Inventory Management Page: On the homepage of Seller Central, find the “Inventory” or “Manage Inventory” option and click to enter the Inventory Management Page.

Select a product: On the Inventory Management page, select the product for which you want to view FNSKUs. You can search and filter using the product’s ASIN, SKU, or other relevant information.

View Amazon FNSKU: After selecting a specific product, you will see detailed information about that product. In the product information, the FNSKU label will be displayed, usually in the form of a barcode and text.

Other ways to view: besides viewing FNSKU in Seller Center, you can also get the FNSKU information of the product in the following ways:

Print labels: In the inventory management page of Amazon Seller Center, select the products that need to print FNSKU labels, and then click the “Print Labels” option. Amazon will generate a label containing the FNSKU for sellers to print and attach to the product packaging.

Product management software: Many third-party product management software also provide the function of viewing and managing FNSKU. Sellers can use these software to more easily track and manage product FNSKUs.


FBA compliance labeling


If you want to know more about it, click on Amazon Seller Center.

When printing FBA labels, the Amazon FNSKU and ASIN appear the same situation is how to cause?

It means that the seller chose the manufacturer code when selecting the barcode, indicating that the product does not need to be labeled (Manufacture barcode)!
Should actually choose the Amazon label (Amazon barcode)

How to do?

Amazon  FNSKU is recommended!

Currently some sellers choose the manufacturer barcode is not a big problem, if you want to convert, follow the sale of an article after the re-conversion to FBA, or delete the original listing, with a new upc upload and then converted to FBA shipment can be!

Note: Set up inside the Amazon logistics, FBA Product Barcode Preference label to choose Amazon barcode.

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