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What is “shipping pallets “?

Shipping pallets in international logistics refers to a certain number of scattered goods into a pallet for the purpose of facilitating loading and unloading, reducing cargo loss and discrepancy, improving the efficiency of loading, and reducing the cost of logistics – i.e., the process of changing from bulk goods into palletized goods. Palletization).

shipping pallets

shipping pallets

Benefits of packing shipping pallets

The purpose and benefits of shipping pallets are: to reduce the number of loose goods, reduce the chances of loss of goods (after all, the chances of losing a pallet is much lower than the chances of losing a small box of goods), but also into a pallet, the goods as a whole more solid, and do not have to worry about the deformation of the goods.

Of course, after the goods hit the pallet, will also reduce the yard cargo space utilization. But it can reduce the time to yard goods. Because you can directly use a forklift to put the goods into the container.

Steps for packing shipping pallets

  1.  The first step is the preparation of materials: pallet, stretch film, packing tape.
  2.  Next is the workers yardage: divide the yardage into 4 flowers, 5 flowers, 6 flowers, etc., and distribute them appropriately according to the ratio of goods and pallets.
  3. Finally, the packing tape (if the customer needs) wrapping film: can play a fixed goods do not fall apart, but also can play a role in moisture resistance, the main thing is to facilitate loading and unloading.


shipping pallets


Take note of packing shipping pallets

  The goods on the pallet label to face out, so that the bar code on each carton can be scanned without moving.

  The use of goods pallet, pallet fork mouth to be in a convenient place for the turnover of equipment handling, in order to cooperate with the use of equipment.

  Cargo stacking, it is not recommended beyond the edge of the pallet, try to choose the size and type of pallet more suitable for this commodity;

  Do not use damaged or unknown source of the pallet.

  When a pallet with a number of different categories of goods shipped, the goods will be packaged separately so that it is not easy to cause errors in the receipt of goods. It is recommended that signs be affixed to indicate the different types of goods.

  It is recommended that the heaviest goods are stacked at the bottom of the goods pallet.

  Do not let the carton beyond the edge of the pallet.

  Hit the pallet must be close to the standard height, can allow pallet clearance and stacking opportunities.

  With the wrapping film on the carton to hit the tray, make sure that the wrapping film completely covers the goods on the pallet, so as to prevent moving goods in transit fall, as well as to ensure that the stacked pallet is stable in transit.

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shipping pallets

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