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Detailed introduction for air forwarding from China to USA .

With the rapid development of international trade, transportation has become the most concerned issue for sellers.

Generally, there are four modes of transportation: railway, road, air and sea. Of all these methods, air freight  from China to USA is the fastest, but expensive, and is used when the cargo is small in size or weight.

When you are choosing shipping from China to USA by air, you need to consider the following:

Advantages and disadvantages of air forwarding from China to USA:

Advantages of air forwarding from China to USA

1. High-speed directness, because the air is less restricted by natural geographical conditions, the route generally takes the shortest distance between two points.

2. High safety performance, with the progress of science and technology, the aircraft continues to carry out technological innovation to enhance its safety performance, and the accident rate is low, and the insurance rate is correspondingly low.

3. Low packaging requirements, because the stability of air navigation and the automatic landing system reduce the ratio of goods exchange, so packaging requirements can be reduced. And

There are obvious advantages in avoiding loss and damage to the goods.

4.High flexibility: as long as there are airports in two places, you can fly routes without being affected by terrain such as mountains, oceans, and deserts.

Therefore, the distance of air transportation is much shorter than other modes of transportation, and the aircraft type and route can be adjusted at any time according to the passenger flow or cargo volume.


Air freight packaging requirements

This article describes in detail the freight forwarder from China to the United States, if you want to know more, please click to read:

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Disadvantages of air forwarding from China to USA

1. The aircraft capacity is small and the quantity of cargo loaded is small

Compared with the 10,000-ton ship, the cargo capacity of the aircraft is significantly smaller, which leads to a limited amount of cargo it can carry. In the case of the same freight, the unit cost is also high. Therefore, except for some particularly urgent goods or high-priced goods, air forwarding from China to USA is still relatively rare.

2. Air international cargo is vulnerable to weather

Compared with general ocean freight, air forwarding from China to USA is obviously more susceptible to weather conditions. If air freight is used internationally, you must be prepared for cargo delays.

Sometimes, due to the influence of weather, the arrival time of international air cargo in the same period may be later than that of sea freight. It can be said that with the use of international air freight  from China to USA, it is difficult to judge whether the cargo owner can receive the goods on time.

air forwarding from China to USA

Cost of air forwarding from China to USA

Eight factors that determine the cost of air forwarding from China to USA:

1. Product name (whether it is a dangerous product)

2. Weight (related to charges), volume (dimensions and whether the goods are in stock)

3. Packaging (whether or not wooden boxes, pallets)

4. Destination airport (base point or not)

5. Required arrival time (direct flight or alternate landing)

6. Flight requirements (service and price differences between flights)

7. Type of Bill of Lading (Master Bill of Lading and Sub-Bill of Lading)

8. Required transportation services (customs declaration method, agency documents, customs clearance, delivery)
Air cargo is divided into heavy cargo and bubble cargo. The volume weight of 1CBM=167KG is larger than the actual weight calculated according to the charge.

air forwarding from China to USA


Factors that affect the cost of air forwarding from China to USA

Demand: When people need something special, its cost increases. Therefore, when the demand for special shipping services rises, so does the cost of air freight.

Containers (ULDs): They are used to hold goods due to travel damage. If a specific kind of container is used to protect the goods, the price will be higher.

Manpower: The number of workers who help move goods or handle paperwork affects costs.

Speed: There are different speed options to deliver the goods, the sooner the product is received; the higher the fee should be paid.

Economic conditions: Costs increase when economic conditions are good.

Regional factors: strikes, wars, terrorism, etc. some situations can lead to low demand. Generally, airlines will optimize costs based on the situation.

Operating Expenses: Will increase through increased fuel costs, tariffs, landing fees, parking fees and security measures and air freight costs.

Temperature Sensitive Cargo: Transshipment of cargo that requires special temperatures is more expensive than other cargoes.

Weight and volume: They are important for pricing, as larger and heavier items cost more.

air forwarding from China to USA

Process of air forwarding from China to USA

One of the key points regarding to air forwarding from China to USA is to counsel with the customs broker or freight forwarder to avoid any financial penalties or problems. There are important steps while importing goods from China:

1.Assembling the shipment which is achieved by collecting, preparing and packing goods that should be done by the importer or freight forwarder.

2.After packing and labeling goods, all security and transportation documents should be prepared by making RFT (Read for Transport).

3.When the package is arrived, it will be kept in the warehouse until to be delivered.

4.Goods will be picked up based on the order and POA (Proof of Acceptance).

5.Goods will be checked and arranged for appropriate flight dates. Then, they will be rechecked for labeling errors. Also, all customs documents should be prepared.

6.Goods are consolidated based on the rules and master AWB (Air WayBill) is issued. Then, all goods are transferred to airport.

7.According to the previous reservations, the goods are prepared for storage and all incoming and administration checks will be done.

8.ULDs are prepared based on some instructions. After security checks goods will be loaded and prepared for the flight.

9.Shipments will be checked against the documents and they are ready to be sent to warehouse by trucks.

10.When the shipments are received, they are checked to not have any damages. Then, they are ready to be delivered.

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