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Air freight is a fast and reliable way to shipping from China to USA and is the most efficient solution if the following conditions are met:

Your cargo is less than 2 CBM and 200 kg
You are in a hurry to receive/send the goods

When urgency or safety is the number one concern, air freight services from China to USA is by far the most advantageous mode of transportation. Unlike express delivery, air freight has the flexibility to offer logistics options focused on speed, cost or security. Shippers can arrange for cargo to be delivered, consolidated, unpacked and trans-shipped anywhere in a way that Air Express does not offer.

How long does it take to air freight services from China to USA?

Standard air DDP from China to the US usually takes about 8-10 days; express from China to the US takes about 2-3 days.

Fast air freight DDU/DDP from China to USA takes about 2-7 days with direct flights;Air freight services from China to USA takes about 2-5 days from airport to airport.

The restrictions related to air freight are higher in air freight, which makes the process longer and more complicated. The actual delivery date is based on the zip code of the destination.

Therefore, longer distances, customs clearance and flight delays increase delivery dates. Increase the transit time when the customs declaration documents are complete and there is no risk of being detained by the customs. When the importer declares to customs, this time will be increased by a day or two. Add 2 days or 4 days when the luggage is declared as Chinese goods. In order to reduce the risk level, documents in some areas are incomplete; such as shipper name, false declared value, etc., should be filled out correctly.

air freight services from China to USA

How to find an air freight forwarder in China?

As an eCommerce business owner, you need a freight forwarder that fits your business model. Factors such as shipping time, shipping cost and global network are your top priority.

Other factors include:

The freight forwarder you choose must have global partnerships with multiple shipping companies. This will affect your shipping speed. Before signing a contract with any freight forwarder, you have to be careful to avoid any trouble afterwards.

Choose a freight forwarder that offers transparent pricing charges from loading to destination.Air freight services from China to USA can help you understand the fee structure.

You can check if your freight forwarder offers any customized e-commerce solutions. Your shipment may require an inventory check to ensure that each product matches your order.

To easily fulfill your customer’s order, just ask your freight forwarder if they can help you deliver your shipment to your customer’s doorstep.

air freight services from China to USA

Cost of air freight services from China to USA

The cost of air freight from China is calculated by first determining the actual and volumetric weight of the goods. The airline will take the greater of the two weights to calculate the billable weight.

Actual weight
Actual weight is calculated in the same way as air express. Actual weight, also known as gross weight, is the total weight of the cargo.

Volume and weight
The volumetric weight of air cargo is calculated using one of the two methods detailed below:

LWH/6000: Volumetric weight formula:
The first is multiplied by the carton size and divided by 6,000,
For example, if all sides of an export carton shipped by air are 90 cm, we would multiply by 90 * 90 * 90 and divide the sum by 6,000. This will give us a total volumetric weight of 121.5kg for air freight services from China to USA.

CMB*167: Volumetric weight formula:
Another way to calculate it is to multiply the total cubic volume by 167. Continuing with the example of an export carton with 6 90 cm sides, the cubic volume is 0.729 cubic meters.
If we multiply 0.729m3 by 167, our total volumetric weight is 121.7kg.

air freight services from China to USA


Air Freight Services From China To USA

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