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Packaging for air freight refers to the packaging form and quality requirements for air cargo. The packaging form of the goods includes wooden boxes, cartons, woven bags, pallets, etc. The quality requirements mainly refer to the appearance, structure, endurance and other factors of the packaging. Specifically, the packaging requirements are as follows:

Material Requirements for packaging for air freight

Materials for packaging for air freight must meet the following requirements:

(1) Wood

Due to the requirements of international climate trade, many countries have strict requirements on the shipment of wood. It is required that the wood must go through multiple processes such as fumigation, disinfection, and drying before it can be used. Moreover, the wood used must comply with national standards and meet its specified strength and quality requirements.

(2) Carton

For the transportation of air cargo, carton is an ideal packaging material. Because the carton is light and easy to make, it has become one of the most important packaging forms for exporting industrial products in our country. Goods packed in cartons should comply with GB2918 standards and IATA/DGR regulations.

(3) Plastic packaging

Plastic bags, Styrofoam, etc. are lightweight packaging materials suitable for small items such as electronic products, cosmetics, etc.

packaging for air freight

(4) Metal packaging

Metal boxes, iron drums, etc. are a strong packaging material, suitable for heavy and fragile goods, such as chemicals, metal products, etc.

(5) Film packaging

Film packaging is a lightweight packaging material, suitable for various goods, such as food, medicine, cosmetics, etc.

(6) Container packaging

A container is a large packaging container, suitable for the transportation of large quantities of goods, such as automobiles, machinery and equipment, etc.

Appearance Requirements for packaging for air freight

Packaging appearance requirements mainly refer to packaging shape, size, quality, appearance and other aspects. The packaging appearance requirements are as follows:

(1) Beautiful appearance

the packaging of air cargo should ensure a beautiful appearance, without damage, tearing, chipping, wrinkles, cracks, etc. In addition, stains, stains, oil stains, etc. must not appear on the packaging materials.

packaging for air freight

(2) Complete packaging

After the packaging of the goods is completed, it should be kept intact, and there must be no defects or exposure of the goods inside the package.

(3) Fastening of packaging

After the packaging of the goods is completed, it should be fastened firmly without loosening or slipping.

Structure and Endurance Requirements for packaging for air freight

The structure and endurance of the packaging are factors that must be paid attention to during the transportation of goods. Its requirements are as follows:

(1) Reasonable structure

The structure of the package should be reasonable to fit the shape and weight of the goods. For some special shape goods, the packing should be customized to suit its shape.

(2) Endurance and reliability

During transportation, the packaging should have sufficient endurance and stability to withstand sudden shocks, swings and pressures.


packaging for air freight


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