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Air waybill (AWB) is different from the sea, air way bill of lading can not be used as evidence of property rights, and can not be transferred by endorsement, can only be used for transportation and delivery documents, that is, the carrier (shipping company) received the need to carry the goods and accepted the shipper’s air requirements, issued to the shipper of a receipt and proof of goods.

The main contents of the Air waybill

Consignor information, consignee information, starting airport name, destination airport name, flight, date, number of boxes, weight, volume, cargo name, bill of lading number, payment method, whether there is a designated agent customs clearance company, etc.

Air waybill

The role of Air waybill

Air way bill of lading (Air way bill) refers to the air carrier (airline) or its agent, in the receipt of the carrier’s goods and accept the shipper’s air transport requirements, issued to the shipper’s goods receipt.

Air way bill of lading is not a document representing the ownership of the goods, can not be transferred by endorsement, and not to deliver the bill of lading as a condition of delivery.

Air waybill classification

According to the different air waybill issued by the object is divided into Master AirWaybill, referred to as MAWB and House Air Way bill, referred to as HAWB.

If according to the bill of lading with or without recognition can be divided into Neutral Air Way bill and Airline Air Way bill.

According to the way of issuing the bill, it can be divided into direct bill and set bill (master split bill).



Master Air Waybill

Master Air Waybill is the basis of transportation issued by the airline to the shipper (freight forwarder or consignor), indicating that the shipper has completed the delivery operation and the airline has received the goods to be carried, which is equivalent to the contract of carriage entered into by the airline and the shipper.

The format of the master bill:
MAWB NO. main bill number – format XXX-XXXXXXXX, where the first three for the airline way bill three word code (such as China Cargo 999, China Southern 784), in the horizontal bar after the 8 digits are arranged according to certain rules of the sequence number.

Such as 999-25312173 (numbering is there with certain rules, and the main bill number is available on the airline’s freight inquiry site to check the progress of the cargo flight status).

House Air Waybill

Refers to the shipper of the goods (agent) issued to the consignor of the basis of transport and delivery certificate, equivalent to the contract of carriage of goods between the agent and the consignor, so also called freight forwarder’s bill.


shipping air cargo


The format of the House Air Waybill:

House Air Waybill is generally no standard format, is generally issued by the House Air Waybill of the carrier (freight forwarder) arbitrarily compiled. House Air Waybill number can not be used as any evidence to query the progress of the flight of goods.

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