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Transportation cargo is generally divided into: general cargo, special cargo. So what is special cargo in air transportation?

What is special cargo?

Air transportation special cargo

Special cargo for air transportation refers to those goods that cannot be transported by ordinary air transportation. These special cargoes require extra attention and special transportation arrangements to ensure their safe and efficient delivery to their destinations.


What is special cargo?

What is special cargo?


Special cargo is a general term for those goods that are subject to special restrictions when being transported due to the nature of the goods themselves (dangerous goods, live and perishable goods, goods with strong odors), their value (valuable goods), their volume (oversized goods) or their weight (overweight goods).

This article introduces some air transport rules:

Air Freight Shipping Documents

Classification of Special Cargo

  • Personal effects (unaccompanied baggage)
  • Oversized cargo and overweight cargo
  • Valuable cargo
  • Goods with strong odor
  • Live animals
  • Wet and damp goods
  • Corpses and ashes
  • Weapons, ammunition and war materiel


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What is special cargo?


As a general rule, arms, ammunition and war materiel generally fall under the category of embargoed goods, whether for military or hunting purposes. When consigning such items, it is important to first understand the regulations of the relevant exporting, importing, transit and overflight countries, as well as those of the carrier and even the airport.

Common Precautions for Special Cargo

  1. If the shipper requests for urgent transportation of the goods, with the consent of the carrier, urgent transportation can be handled and urgent freight will be charged according to the regulations.
  2. Any microbial products such as strains of bacteria and germ-carrying culture media which are harmful to human body, animals and plants shall not be transported without special approval from CAAC.
  3. Any vaccine, bacterial vaccine, antimicrobial agent, serum and other biological products which are artificially manufactured, refined and aseptically treated can be transported as general cargo if the shipper provides the certificate of sterility and non-toxicity. The storage and transportation of microorganisms and harmful biological products should be far away from food.
  4. Plants and plant products should be transported with the shipper’s location at the county level (including) or more of the plant quarantine department issued a valid “phytosanitary certificate”.
  5. The shes should be packed in closed plastic bags or other sealed containers, plus a wooden box, the outermost layer of cloth packaging.


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What is special cargo?


For different types of air special cargo, airlines and logistics companies usually provide specialized services and solutions to ensure that the goods are properly handled in the transportation process, minimize the risk and guarantee safe, efficient and smooth delivery to the destination.

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