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Now many sellers who do import from China to the U.S. e-commerce platform generally choose to air freight from China to USA, so do you know what the requirements for customs clearance by air to the United States? What air freight shipping documents are required?

If you choose to shipping from China to USA by air, in order to ensure that the goods can be sent on time to the scheduled flight, it is recommended that you should prepare all the air freight shipping documents in advance to the freight forwarding company on your behalf. In the production of bills of lading and operation should pay attention to the following issues.

Air freight shipping documents requirements

1、BOOKING — booking order (with this document delivery into the warehouse)

The information in the BOOKING shall include the airport of origin, airport of destination, airline, sender/receiver’s company name, address, contact person, telephone, etc., detailed English name, number of pieces of goods, weight, volume, whether there are random documents, indicating which documents accompany the goods.

2、INVOICE — Commercial invoice

3、PACKING LIST—boxing list

4、 Customs declaration elements (specific name, brand, material, model, use, etc.)


Air Freight Shipping Documents

Air Freight Shipping Documents


Air freight shipping documents for special cargo-specific

For example, battery goods need to provide MSDS, UN38.3 report, battery statement, battery letter, etc.; certain electronic products such as IC, routers, etc. need to provide electronic products produced without restriction letter, etc.

According to different destinations specify the necessary documents for customs clearance:

Such as certificate of origin, SASO, invoice countersignature, packing list countersignature, etc.

What are the requirements for U.S. air customs clearance

  1. U.S. Customs requires the specific loading of air cargo, must have a detailed list of goods, both freight manifest, in the customs inspection, the need to use this document;
  2. If the goods are transported by air to the United States, the customs will not accept the name of the goods like SPARE PARTSORELECTRONIC GOODS, so the basic information such as the name, weight and size of the goods must be listed in detail on the freight manifest;
  3. If the air freight to the United States is palletized goods, it must be SLAC (Shippers Load and Count) form, the same is to indicate the number of pieces of goods in the freight manifest above, and on the top side of the pallet with SLAC label.
  4. In the main bill of lading need to accurately fill in the name of the goods, in the form of the consignor and consignee is a direct transaction between the two parties, if the consignor is a freight forwarder, then the main bill of lading must be filled in the mixed goods, in each piece of cargo to be affixed with house label random documents outside the envelope with six copies of manifest copy.


Air Freight Shipping Documents

Air Freight Shipping Documents


U.S. air freight process

1. Inventory: provide information about the goods, such as name, number of pieces, weight, box size, destination and destination consignee’s name, address, phone number, delivery time, shipper’s name, phone number, address, etc.

2. Booking: Air cargo export agents should follow the designated booking plan, print out the total waybill number, number of pieces, weight and volume according to the flight and date, and book the space with the airline.

3. Warehouse distribution: Check the actual number, weight and volume of goods and the difference between the predicted number of consignment books. According to flight type, crate type, height and quantity, effectively use and reasonably allocate reserved cabin space and crates.

4. Customs declaration and clearance: After the waybill is stamped with the customs release, the airline needs to sign. Only after the signature confirmation is allowed to hand over the ticket and cargo to the airline


Air Freight Shipping Documents

Air Freight Shipping Documents


5. Flight: For cargoes requiring interline transfer, after the cargo is shipped, the airline should provide information on the second and third flight transfer and confirm the transfer. The above information will be fed back to the room in time to deal with abnormalities in a timely manner.

6. Cargo arrival notification: After the cargo arrives at the designated port, the air freight forwarder will notify the customer.

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