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Shipping cost from China to USA per kg:What every US-China cross-border seller wants to know…

The international trade and cross-border e-commerce becoming more and more popular, the logistics for shipping from China to USA has become an important service.There are many U.S. cross-border sellers who buy products from Chinese manufacturers and then ship them to the U.S. through international cargo companies.

The shipping cost from China to USA per kg depends mainly on factors such as the weight and volume of the goods, the shipping route, the type of goods and the shipping method. This article will describe some pricing standards and best practices for China to US logistics.

Shipping cost from China to USA per kg

The sea shipping cost from China to USA per kg is as follows:
Slow ship: about 1 USD; Fast ship: about 1-2 USD
The shipping cost per kilogram from China to USA may vary depending on the selling season or other actual conditions.

The shipping cost by air from China to USA per kg to the U.S. is usually around US$4-5.


Sea Freight Packing Requirements


Factors determining the shipping cost from China to USA per kg

Weight of the goods

I wonder if you know, logistics costs consist of the weight of the goods and other additional services. The weight of the goods is one of the most important factors

The most common rate for sea and air transportation is the weight-based rate, generally referred to as the KG rate, which usually includes the basic transportation fee, fuel surcharges and various taxes, etc.

The exact calculation of the KG rate varies from one logistics company to another, so you need to carefully understand the services and fees offered by the logistics company when choosing one.

Shipping routes

Secondly, the transportation route is also a factor that affects the shipping cost from China to USA per kg. Sea freight from China to USA is usually cheaper than air freight, but it takes longer. In addition, different ports and airports may have different rates. For international trade and cross-border e-commerce companies, choosing the right shipping route can significantly reduce costs.


ZIM cooperates with MSC


Mode of transportation

Air freight from China to USA is usually faster than ocean freight, but also more costly. However, when choosing a logistics method, you need to take into account the specific nature of your shipments to ensure they arrive safely before reaching their destination.

Type of cargo

The type of cargo also affects shipping cost from China to USA per kg. Some dangerous goods or high-value commodities require additional insurance premiums and may require additional security measures. The size of the shipment can also affect shipping costs, and some large items may require additional charges.

How to effectively save on shipping cost from China to USA per kg

Optimize shipping routes, packaging

Effective logistics management and reasonable cost control are the keys to reduce logistics costs. By optimizing shipping routes, controlling cargo weight and size, enhancing packaging, using discount codes, etc., you can reduce logistics costs.

Choose a reliable freight forwarder

It is also important to choose a reliable and responsible freight forwarder. Some freight forwarders with a good reputation can provide complete, timely and safe logistics solutions and offer competitive service prices while guaranteeing logistics quality.

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