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When shipping from China to USA, there are usually 2 different shipping routes from China to USA you can take.

Far East – North America West Coast Route
Departing from various ports in China’s coastal areas, the southerly passes through the Osumi Strait and exits the East China Sea; the northerly passes through the Tsushima Strait and passes through the Sea of Japan, or enters the Pacific Ocean through the Chongjin Strait, or through the Zonggu Strait and enters through the Sea of Okhotsk North Pacific Ocean.

Far East–Caribbean, North America East Coast route
The route often arrives after passing the Hawaiian Islands north and south to the Panama Canal. Ships departing from coastal ports in northern China mostly leave the East China Sea via the Osumi Strait or Ryukyu Amami Oshima.

shipping routes from China to USA

shipping routes from China to USA

Matson Shipping

The most familiar shipping routes from China to USA is Matson. But besides Matson, what other shipping companies do you know? What are the main shipping companies and routes of Sino-US Shipping?

There are three main routes for Matson, namely CLX (regular ship), CLX+ (overtime ship) and CCX. Matson shipping is characterized by stable sailing time. The regular ship has an independent private dock, which can ensure efficient unloading speed.

Therefore, the Mason regular ship is almost unaffected during the peak season and can maintain the stability of the entire route.Xiongda is the forwarding agent of Matson Shipping.

shipping routes from China to USA
shipping routes from China to USA

CMA (CMA CGM) Shipping

CMA CGM’s EXX shipping is APL’s boutique service of the Eagle Express X (EXX) shipping routes from China to USA, an 11-day direct sailing to Los Angeles. This issue of CMA CGM is also very popular, and it is the first shipping company to propose not to raise prices for the time being.

CMA CGM officially announced that it has decided to stop all spot price increases!
Time-sensitive shipments are marked “Priority Shipment” on the CMA EXX Express and are backed by a money-back guarantee.Xiongda is the forwarding agent in China of CMA Shipping.

WHL Shipping

WHL Shipping is a subsidiary of WHL Shipping Group, which is the largest shipping company in Asia, with the most intensive voyages and the most complete service network in Asia.

Main shipping routes from China to USA:
WHL America West Route: AA1 calling at Shanghai Ningbo
WHL America West Route: AA5 calls at Yantian
WHL US-East Route: The port of call along AA7 is Taipei-Xiamen-Shekou-Gaime Harbor-New York-Savannah-Taipei.

ZIM Shipping

It only takes 12 days for the ZIM Shipping to go directly to Los Angeles, USA. The large ship is unloaded within 12 hours, and it can be picked up within 10 working days after the ship sails. It can be quickly connected to the railway to other destinations in the United States, such as: Chicago, Memphis, Dallas, Kansas and New York.

Once launched, it is a superior shipping routes from China to USA.

shipping routes from China to USA

EMC (Evergreen) Shipping

EMC Evergreen Clipper, as one of familiar shipping routes from China to USA from , plays a very important role in transportation across the Pacific Ocean. As a shipping company for more than 20 years, Evergreen Shipping has fixed shipping routes in more than 80 countries, and its strength is beyond doubt.

As the Southern Clipper, before ZIM was launched, it undertook most of the fast-shipping business in South China.

Evergreen is 13-15 working days for pickup. The biggest advantage is that it has its own dedicated wharf, so there is no need to worry about the port congestion and wharf congestion during peak seasons.

COSCO Shipping

Through accurate analysis of the current supply and demand situation and logistics situation in the North American market, COSCO SHIPPING actively raised additional transportation resources with the help of strong overall planning capabilities, and launched the shipping routes from China to USA in Shandong Port – “US Line Direct Passenger Express Line” ”, including “Port Prince Express” (CEN-EXPRESS) and “Los Angeles Express” (CEN-PLUS).

shipping routes from China to USA

MAERSK Shipping

Maersk is primarily targeting big sellers. If Maersk does not make a move, it must be extraordinary! Exclusive self-operated fleet, anchored at its own wharf.

Maersk’s shipping routes from China to USA has all the features of the cross-border e-commerce “Clipper”:

1. Target the lucrative high-end market
2. Exclusive management
3. Few ports of call
4. Use small and medium-sized container ships to achieve the shortest sailing time
5. The trump card: the destination port is anchored by its own wharf.

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