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As an Amazon seller, in order to succeed in the market, then you must learn to do FBA product competitor analysis, so that you can know yourself and know your enemy, enough for a hundred battles.

The importance of FBA product competitor analysis

Understand competitors

Through the seller’s FBA product competitor analysis, you can understand the competitors’ product characteristics, pricing strategy, sales and other information, which provides a strong basis for their own product positioning and marketing strategy.

Grasp the market trend

In the market, consumer demand and purchasing power will change over time. Through the continuous tracking of competing products, we can capture the market changes in time, so as to adjust our own strategy and conform to the market development.

Finding gaps and opportunities

Through the seller’s competitive analysis, you can find the gaps between yourself and your competitors, and tap into potential opportunities, so as to provide a direction for improving your competitiveness.


FBA product competitor analysis

FBA product competitor analysis


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To be successful in the Amazon e-commerce market, you need In-depth FBA competitor analysis for improved product rankings.

Amazon seller competition analysis

  1. Best sellerTOP100, surely to the excellent competition, find out and their own products of the same kind or attributes of the same products to analyze, take the strengths and weaknesses.
  2. For the existing ranking listings, you can look for products with their own product rankings up and down, such as their own product rankings for 70, you can analyze the 50-70 products, which is mainly to understand the competitive advantages of similar products, to avoid the shortcomings and enhance the rankings!
  3. The use of “Amazon FBA competitor analysis advanced tools, through the keyword search, brand analysis tools to find competitors.

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FBA product competitor analysis

FBA product competitor analysis

Effective Amazon FBA product competitor analysis strategy

Amazon product research

You can start from the competitors’ products, see what products the competitors have, what advantages the products have, and then, combined with one of the competitors’ situation, go to choose the right products for yourself, so that the advantages of the products you choose will be greater.

Amazon FBA keywords

From the competitors to the Amazon store and product keywords are set, look at the competitors’ product keyword rankings, put what keyword ads, absorb the competitors’ good place, and then, their own in this above to improve.

Advertisement placement

Now most of the Amazon stores have advertisements in the Amazon station, its main purpose is to better attract traffic, so it is very important to understand the competitors’ Amazon advertising.

For example: keywords, placement time, ranking, budget and so on.

If you don’t want to just read these text interpretations, you can click on the video below to help you understand more quickly about Amazon FBA product competitor analysis:

Product competitor analysis tools


A research Amazon keyword counterchecking tool to help you dig out which keywords of your competitors bring real search traffic, so that you can use these keywords to optimize your own Listings as well as CPC ads.

Key Features:

  •  Listings and CPC keywords optimization can be taken care of in Amazon station;
  • Listings details page one-click countercheck ASIN core traffic words, a true reflection of the ASIN search traffic entrance;
  • Amazon search results page to open the keyword mining mode, automatically recommend relevant keywords;
  • Monthly update of 800 million keyword data, support for the United States, Japan, Canada and five European countries.

Amazon Merchant Words Keyword Research Tool.

An Amazon seller keyword research tool with real search volume and indexing, 100% accurate and extensive keyword search volume data directly from Amazon!

The main features are:

  • Compare keyword indexes to find valuable keywords in one click that your competitors have indexed but you have not;
  • The database is updated daily with new merchant keywords, real-time competitive products and search volume data, no more relying on outdated data!

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