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Amazon FBA product research is the most important step to start your cross-border business. I hope the following article can help you.

Amazon FBA product research ideas

Avoid the minefield of product selection

Such as small market capacity, seasonal, product weight, large volume, high production costs, relatively small differentiation, etc., these are the product categories should be avoided to choose, must be careful to avoid.

Market research

For example, customers who buy similar products have any pain points or suggestions for improvement, products in the target site more commonly used words and high-frequency search terms, product segments, product price range.


Manufacturing (purchasing) costs, FBA storage costs, logistics costs, after-sales costs, etc., all of which are eating into the seller’s profits.

Profit Accounting

The profit calculation of the product is not much different from the cost calculation, mainly the cost is deducted from the pricing range of the product, and finally the profit margin of the product is obtained. Usually, products with high gross margins can be more flexible in setting prices to promote sales.

Amazon FBA product research

Amazon FBA product research

When making Amazon FBA product research, we have to learn to use some Amazon product research tool in order to save more effort.

Best Amazon product research tool free for Amazon FBA product research

Helium 10 product research

Helium 10 has its own product database, where you can set different filters to define values for each parameter (category, sales, price, number of reviews, etc.). helium 10 pulls the products that meet your requirements from the backend product database and displays them centrally.

How to set up the Chrome Extension for Helium 10?

First of all, the Chrome Extension for Helium 10 is also called Helium 10 Xray.

If you would like to download and install Xray, click here and download it from the Google Chrome Store. Of course, you will also need Chrome, which you can download here.

After downloading XRay, you should see it in the Chrome browser next to the URL field.
It should look like this:

Amazon FBA product research

Amazon FBA product research

Amazon FBA product research

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is the one that contains all of Amazon’s catalog data. Its data is collected and compared by the system on a daily basis, and when the values are relatively stable, the data is updated weekly or bi-weekly. Data for new products is usually collected and updated within 12 hours, and when product sales fluctuate more, the system will automatically adjust frequently and update daily.

How to use Jungle Scout version?

Jungle Scout’s product database, the industry’s largest Amazon product catalog, simply set the filters according to your needs and you will find a list of products that meet your requirements. All estimated sales data is calculated based on the original system algorithm AccuSales, a full range of data collection, analysis and integration.

Filter search results
Choose from: Amazon site, product category, keywords, estimated sales, product price, product category rank, number of reviews, ratings, product size, weight, product quality list, etc.

Setting up Product Database
Understanding the meaning of the filters in the database will help you to use them better. The first filter option is Amazon Marketplace, which is the “Site” option. Supported sites: Canada, Germany, France, Spain, India, Italy, Mexico, UK.

Amazon FBA product research

Amazon FBA product research


SellerApp provides Amazon sellers with features such as product research, product ideas, listing quality, product alerts, product sourcing, keyword research, PPC analyzer, FBA calculator, keyword search, product sourcing, Amazon reverse ASIN lookup, listing quality checker, Amazon brand registration search, product description editor, duplicate keyword removal and other functions.

Supported sites:Amazon US, Australia

IO Scout

Viral Launch

Unicorn Smasher

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