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This article will be and share the Amazon operations tips. I hope to bring some help to your operation work, but also can give you find some Amazon operations tips to provide some ideas inspiration.

Amazon operations tips

Determine which ad group the ad space is from by the ad ID.

Step 1: Ad ID of the ad space

Find the ad spot, copy the link address from the email, paste it into the writing pad, and find the 21-digit code starting with A behind ‘adid=”, which is the ad ID of the ad spot.

Step 2: Go to the background, find the ad group of the product placement

Press F12 or ctrl+shiftti Press ctrl+F Search for ‘data-udt-row’ Find the 21-bit code starting with A, which is the ad ID of that ad space.

Step 3: Record and compare them next to each other to determine which ad comes from which ad group.


Amazon operations tips

Amazon operations tips


Find the A Plus Content with the keywords buried by the competitors

Go to the opponent A Plus Content , right mouse button select check, press ctrl + F, search for src before the word

xxx that is the keywords buried by the rival.

There are more details about A Plus Content,you can click it to read:

A Plus Content Amazon | Listing Optimization

Check the products after the TOP 100

In the commodity bestsellerlnewrelease list, turn to page 2, in the second page above the link UTF8&pg=2 here, replace 2 with 34.5 … you can see the product after 100.

PS: you can see up to 400, that is, change to 8

In addition to Amazon operations tips, here are some Amazon operations tools to use:

7 Essential Amazon Operations Tools For Sellers

Find authoritative links

In the listing page, hold down the ctrl + u or right mouse button to open the web page code page (viewpage source), press ctrl + F, search for canonical link behind the product is the authoritative link, you can see in the authoritative link inside the Amazon whether to include their own keywords.


Amazon FBA advertisingAmazon operations tips


Search by image on amazon sales of the same products

Download plugin search by image on amazon, after installing the good in the point to open any platform to see the desired product image, click the right button searchonamazon can be.

You can also find the product by inserting the image in the brand a brand registration – report violations.

Canada remote delivery

U.S. station if there is inventory, you can open remote delivery and Global Sale global sales, so that Canada, Mexico have sales, inventory can also be delivered directly from the U.S. warehouse.

In the computer web page to see what the cell phone details page looks like

Press F12 or ctrl + shift + i, look at the upper right corner, a large screen small screen model, click, click in, wildly press F5 can be.

Worrying about duplicate offer settings leading to product losses

Use the Amazon minimum price setting, if the set up activities stacked low dry minimum price, the link will show unsaleable, is indeed a bottom line anti-dumbing measures.


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The link is merged, but reviews are not shared

The principle is to be variant where the subcategory should be consistent. You can find customer service page editing team, but also in the place of open case, commodity information or inventory, incorrect commodity variants, between ASIN with synchronized buyer comments, enter the merged asin.

Download the video in the comments

In the listing page, hold down ctrl+u or right mouse button to open the web page code page (viewpage source), press ctrl+F, search for ‘MP4’ to copy the URL, open the new link, right click to save the video.

TIPS:When you can’t download it, try Google and Firefox.

Selling on Amazon and finding a reliable freight forwarder Amazon FBA is a big step towards success.


Amazon Operations Q&A

Amazon operations tips

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