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Today we share with you a few super powerful Amazon operations tools, there are definitely tools you haven’t used. Check it out!

Amazon Operations Tools

1. Check the source of goods tool

Amz 520 :https://www.amz520.com/amztools/get_source.html

Many times, we will see a good product in the selection of products or in the research of competing products. This time we need to know the approximate purchase cost of this product and know its source. We often spend a lot of time looking on some wholesale software, but we don’t always find them.

This time, we can use the AMZ 520 sourcing tool, just enter the ASIN of the product you want to search, select the site, and then search with one click.
Once the search is complete, you can search in the list that appears. Especially time saving, if you need it, you can try this Amazon Operations Tools.

2. Competitive off-site situation

Off-site wisdom: https://www.trafficwiser.com/

On the tool, enter the ASIN or core words of the competitor, you can check whether the competitor has done off-site.

If you do off-site, you can see the date, discount, original price, and the change of keyword ranking outside the site, so as to deduce how many orders outside the site.

3. TBA logistics query

TBA logistics query: https://parceltrackingapp.com/en

Many sellers who do FBA know that Amazon’s tail-end delivery, part of it is given to UPS and other third-party logistics providers. There are some are their own logistics team distribution.

Received a customer mail, said not received the goods, check the customer’s tracking code, is the beginning of the TBA, do not know how to check, and then this URL is a special query TBA logistics website, as long as you enter the tracking code, it will display tracking information.

Amazon Operations Tools

Amazon Operations Tools

4. Competitor traffic share

Sif :https://www.sif.com/

We have new links on the shelves. We need to research the keywords of the product and need to determine which words are the words we need to focus on advertising.

This time, we often need to compete for the traffic words accounted for. We can use sif to look up about 5 good competing products, to summarize and organize all the words that account for a higher percentage of their traffic, and then to advertise.

5. patent query website

Gu Ru: https://www.patentguru.com/cn

Product development sellers, every time in the query patent is about to collapse. In the U.S. / European Patent Office, enter the word product, there are a large number of search results, each search structure is also a layer down, completely a tree diagram, not long, you forget where to search.Amazon Operations Tools

Try this free tool! Register and log in, the search results are neatly arranged, after seeing the product, not seen the logo has a red dot, seen the red dot disappeared . Moreover, each search result is very detailed, very organized interpretation.

Amazon Operations Tools

Amazon Operations Tools

6. Listing editing tools

Listing editing tools: https://www.amz520.com/amztools/amtitletool.html

Every time we write the title, five-point description, the background to fill in the keywords will always be super characters, can not count the characters one by one it! So annoying!
In addition, case conversion, statistics on the frequency of our buried words is also a headache. Use this free Amazon Operations Tools to solve your problems immediately!

7. Global Zip Code

Global zip code website: https://www.nowmsg.com/

Amazon Operations Assistant to count the keyword ranking data of many sites, each site to switch the zip code. Because the browser is used without trace mode, so each time you have to re-enter once.

United States, Canada, Mexico; Europe: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, West; Asia: Japan, India …… I can’t remember the zip code. Don’t be afraid, the global zip code where you want to check the zip code can be, the small book are saved.

Amazon Operations Tools

Amazon Operations Tools

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