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Amazon keywords refer to the words that users search for the product when shopping on Amazon.

For the same product, most people will use the same or similar words to express it, so these words used by most people are the core keywords (also called precise keywords) that sellers need to collect and reserve in the early stage of product release.

The 5 Golden Rules of Amazon keywords Optimization

How to write Amazon keywords

  1. Try to use phrases or words for keywords, and use less sentences. Phrases can be separated by commas;
  2. Avoid abusing well-known brand names and unwanted keywords;
  3. Precise words are placed first. If there are multiple words, arrange them in the most logical order;
  4. The more keywords you use, the better, but try not to reuse them to avoid suspicion of cheating.

Amazon Keywords

Screen the core Amazon keywords

The screening of core keywords is to determine the application weight of core keywords by the number of Best Seller in the keyword search results.

Summarize and evaluate brand keywords

Because it is a unique brand and an iconic keyword, the competition is relatively small. If you promote the keyword and let more users know it, it will be a very good thing for product search optimization.


  1. High conversion rate of brand keywords;
  2.  Brand keywords are less competitive.


  1. Do not abuse well-known brand keywords;
  2. Brand keywords also include your own brand—long-term goals and great ideals.

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Extensive capture of long-tail Amazon keywords

Long-tail keywords refer to keywords that are relatively unpopular, non-core, and relatively low in competition. They are generally extended from phrase keywords. They have the characteristics of low competition, accurate group targeting, fewer searches, and high conversion rates. Listing, long tail keywords have obvious advantages. 

Improve important attribute keywords

The attribute options of the More Info page in the product release belong to the category of attribute keywords. If you want to optimize Amazon keywords well, you should fill in the items in the left column of the search results.

How to fill in Amazon keywords in Search terms

  • Fill in the rules
  • Key words are best words or phrases, do not use long sentences;
  • Fill in the keywords of the five elements as much as possible, and the higher the proportion, the greater the proportion, so the more important keywords should be filled in the front;
  • Keywords should not be separated by commas, but by spaces;
  • There is no need to repeat keywords, which will not increase the chance of being retrieved;
  • Do not deliberately add words or brands that have nothing to do with your own products in order to rank high in the search or increase exposure;
  • The word order of the product name should conform to the search habits;
  • Use the keywords you wrote to search at the front desk, and constantly adjust your product keywords.
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